What Microphones do Youtubers Use? 

What Microphones do Youtubers Use

Do you have a hidden talent but do not know how to bring it to the limelight? If you have that tickling urge to bring forth your unique skill, YouTube is the perfect platform that can shoot you to the world of fame. However, is your expertise sufficient to pull the crowd?

As easy as it may seem, becoming a Youtuber is not an easy task. Apart from your unique skills, you need the right tools to become a crowd puller. Even if you already have your channel, the key to becoming famous on YouTube is to gear up with the right equipment.

Just as a cook needs the right tools to become a Master Chef, and a student needs appropriate books to ace the competitive exams, a YouTuber needs the relevant gadgets to grow their audience. You cannot reach out to your audience if you lack clarity in your voice. 

Thus, a mic is one of the most valuable tools that you should possess. Here, we have shortlisted YouTuber’s most preferred microphones and everything you should know about them. You can thank us later.

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How Will This Article Help You?

In this article, you will find –

  • The most preferred microphones that YouTubers, vloggers, gamers, and streamers use.
  • Understanding of diverse kinds of mics and their applications to specific users.
  • Cost comparison of the mics and the ones that fit in your budget.  

YouTubers And Content Creators Most Preferred Microphones 

Our extensive study of microphones and consultation with the most popular YouTubers and content creators has helped us compile the list of the best microphones for Youtube. After all, having over 150 million subscribers is no joke.

Here is the list of microphones that are in demand by the pros. You should consider them if you want to become the topmost YouTuber. The list is in order of most popular and down.

  • Shure SM7B
  • Rode Video Micro
  • Rode Broadcaster
  • Rode VideoMic Pro+
  • Sennheiser Me 2-II
  • Electrovoice RE20
  • Rode Procaster
  • Rode NTG3
  • Sennheiser MKH416
  • Shure MV51
  • AKG C414
  • Neumann TLM 103

Which Microphone Is The Best For YouTubers?

influencer recording a content

You can see the most sought-after YouTube microphones by the pros in the list above. 

Though Shure SM7B microphones are much in demand, it may not be a money-wise choice. 

The mic costs a whopping $400, which is not suitable for budding YouTubers. Well, does that mean you may have to compromise with quality? Of course not! 

Let us explore more budget-friendly alternatives that match the quality of Shure SM7B without compromising with the resolution.

Which Type Of Microphone Is YouTube-Friendly?

If you are not the type who is attracted to brand names, styles, and models, then instead of looking at brand names, try to understand the type of microphone that is more popular. Below is our research on which “type” of the mic is most preferred:

  • XLR Cardioid Dynamics
  • 3.5mm Supercardioid Condensers
  • XLR Cardioid Condenser Microphones
  • XLR Supercardioid Condensers
  • Wireless Omnidirectional Lavalier
  • Omnidirectional / Unidirectional Headset mic
  • Unidirectional / Cardioid USB mic

Largely you can see that the mics are of three types, sorted as per popularity:

  • Cardioid
  • Supercardioid
  • Omnidirectional

Let us dwell deeper to understand the basics of microphones before you put a hole in your pocket.

What Are Cardioid Microphones And What Are Their Functions?

The polar pattern Cardioid microphones work best when the voice source is from the front. It blocks all other chaos of the surroundings. The polar pattern describes the sensitivity of the mic capsule to the sounds from diverse directions. 

If you are a YouTuber or a vlogger, being heard is your primary concern. Cardioid microphones could be the one for you if you want to speak to your audience directly into the mic while eradicating the background sound. 

Classification Of Cardioid Microphones

As we delve deeper, we explore that cardioid microphones fall under two broad categories – Dynamic and Condenser mic.

Dynamic mics

Have you ever experienced a lack of clarity in your voice? It could be the sound of your ceiling fan trying to silence your voice or the jarring phone ring that hampers your recording. 

Even the echo of your voice in an empty room cannot hinder a clear voice. Dynamic mics isolate the sound waves coming from a multi-direction. It is no wonder why live performers and YouTubers prefer dynamic mics, for it has a drop-off in sensitivity feature.

Condenser mics

If you yearn for cleaner and softer voice quality, you may feel more inclined towards condenser mics than dynamic mics. 

Its polar pattern harmonizes better than its counterpart, making it an ideal choice for a recording studio. However, condenser mics have a catch. Their sensitive sensor picks up unwanted sounds from the surroundings.

Youtuber recording a video

What Are Supercardioid Microphones And What Are Their Functions?

Unlike what you might think, super-cardioid microphones are not a particular form of cardioid ones. Though it has increased directionality compared to the latter, it has extreme sensitivity at the ear lobe. 

Also, super-cardioid microphones are sensitive to on-axis noise consisting of total points at 127 degrees and 233 degrees. It is apt from the film industry, live performances, and recording amidst noisy environments.

Off-Camera Supercardioid

The super-cardioid mic is better known as shotgun mic, and the super-cardioid mic picks up sound from the target while excluding the surrounding noise. 

It is the ultimate choice of film industries and soaps, where mics cannot be placed in front of the speaker. Supercardioid is a narrow tube installed on a boom arm to capture the dialogues of the actors. The over-head mounted mics seamlessly trap the voice with clarity during shootings.

Camera-Installed Supercardioid

Yet another kind of super-cardioid mic that YouTubers and Vlogger seek is the camera-mounted mic. Their most common choice is Rode VideoMic Pro. 

It meets the parameters of a shotgun mics without holding it on a boom arm. The microphone is the hands-free version of a shotgun mic that attaches to the camera and seamlessly captures the sound in the direction it is pointed.

No wonder, camera-mounted Supercardioid is the first choice of vloggers and YouTubers for its convenient features. It is portable and saves you from the clutter of carrying the boom arm for recording.

Omni Directional Microphones

Let us spill the beans on how YouTubers and vloggers have crisp sound in their videos. They make it possible with the help of omnidirectional microphones.

If you want surround sound, you can count on omnidirectional mics, which are not sensitive to any one direction. It picks up random sounds from the background while validating the sound coming from the speaker.

It indiscriminately covers a full circle capturing sound from 0 degrees to 360 degrees with its polar plot feature. Since they attach effortlessly to your collar or lapel, they are commonly known as collar mic or lapel mic. An easy clip-on mic allows you to move around conveniently. 

Wouldn’t you like to know the field where you can use omnidirectional mics? These circular pattern mics are trending with the topmost sensation of the cyber-world. They include:

  • Teachers
  • Life Coach
  • Vloggers
  • Streamers
  • Gamers
  • Podcasts on YouTube
  • Interviewers
  • And more

Let Us Look Individually At:

  • Streamers and gamers;
  • Vloggers;
  • Teachers, Coaches, and Trainers;
  • Podcasts and Interviews on Youtube

Microphones Popular With Top Gamers and Streamers

Youtube is a favorite platform among gamers and streamers for creating videos. Let us read about different mics preferred by some of the top gamers and streamers:


PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who is famous for his ‘Let’s Play’ videos. His popularity is reflected in the number of subscribers he enjoys. His number of subscribers is second, with the Indian T-Series record firm being number one.

What mic does PewDiePie use?

PewDiePie uses the [amazon link=”B006VSM8WS” link_text=”AKG C414 mic”], which comes often as a surprise for the experts. 

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

You can find the AKG C414 mic mostly in studio recordings. People often love to use it on guitars, vocals, drums, and any other musical instrument. These condenser mics give a refined output and are more sensitive than other mics, such as RE20 or SM7B. 

Thus, these mics are known to give a better result. Also, the output given by the said mic depends entirely upon the room you are using for recording, its noise level, and any acoustic treatment. 

Now, PewDiePie must be able to afford a well-treated recording room. This implies that he can use the AKG C414 without the danger of background noise hampering the recording.


Flamingo is a popular gaming channel trending on Youtube. It enjoys many subscribers who visit the channel every day in search of exciting games to play.

What mic does Flamingo use?

Flamingo makes use of [amazon link=”B00AAO3FQ2″ link_text=”Neumann TLM103″], which is one of the costliest mics available in the market. 

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Neumann TLM103 is a cardioid microphone having a large diaphragm capsule. This mechanism makes it a common choice among musicians and recorders. The best part about the mic is that it offers fabulously clear and flawless audio signals.

However, this mic is not helpful for all kinds of recorders. The reason is that these mics are highly sensitive and can pick up even the slightest background sounds. Then, why does Flamingo use it? They must possess an isolated recording environment, where the risk of these background noises is significantly reduced.


EposVox is a Stream Professor, which offers tutorials, how-to, gear reviews, tips, and benchmarks associated with technical aspects.

What mic does EposVox use?

Though EposVox uses various mics to test them, they usually go with [amazon link=”B00KCN83V8″ link_text=”RE20″] and [amazon link=”B001R747SG” link_text=”Samson Q2U”].

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

RE20 is a dynamic microphone that is used mainly for purposes such as sound engineering, broadcasting, and podcasting. The mic is famous for offering noise isolation, a perfect sound base, and high-build quality features.

However, the mic is not well within budget limits, and thus EposVox recommends the Samson Q2U for people seeking something more affordable. 

The Samson Q2U is a perfect choice for YouTubers and streamers who have budget constraints. The mic provides good quality for audio recording and also gets rid of maximum background noises. 

Camera and microphone set for Youtuber

Microphones Popular With Top Vloggers

Vlogging is an art form that is more associated with the features of YouTube as you make use of videos to connect with your clients. Now, what mics do these Vloggers often use? Let us read about these mics in detail:

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is an influential Vlogger on YouTube who has many subscribers to his share. His vlogs mainly concentrate on topics such as travel, lifestyle, as well as consumer tech.

What mic does Casey Neistat use?

Casey Neistat uses [amazon link=”B00YAZHRZM” link_text=”VideoMic pro”], which he attaches to his camera for recording. 

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

The mic is of great use to Neistat as he usually shoots his videos while traveling only. His videos range from South African beaches to driving cars in Las Vegas, etc. 

The best part about the mic is that it easily clips on the camera’s top, and you can easily carry it everywhere along with you. 

Kara and Nate

Well, this is a YouTube channel run by newlyweds who love to travel to different locations, flying from one location to another.

What mic do Kara and Nate use?

Kara and Nate use the [amazon link=”B015R0IQGW” link_text=”VideoMicro”], the younger sibling of VideoMic Pro.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

This mic is highly suitable for offering perfect professional audio quality, and it also comes with a shock mount for providing an ideal acoustic environment.

The only concern with the mic is that it is tiny in size. Thus, Kara and Nate have to make additional efforts to pack the mic. 

Well, this is why they make use of Rode VideoMicro and Sony Alpha a6500 as well as it can easily fit in the user’s pockets.

Microphones Popular With Top Teachers, Leaders, and Trainers

Peter McKinnon

The youtube channel run by Peter McKinnon is about teaching essentials regarding cinematography and photography to the viewers.

What mic does Peter McKinnon use?

Peter McKinnon makes use of [amazon link=”B0002E4Z8M” link_text=”SM7B”] mic and [amazon link=”B0749GV5L3″ link_text=”Rode VideoMic Pro+”] for his videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Peter McKinnon uses the SM7B for podcast recordings. However, this mic is not suitable for video shoots. Now, since Peter takes cinematography lessons, he needs a better mic as well.

He uses Rode VideoMic Pro+ for also capturing audio along with video shoots.

Graham Stefan

Graham Stefan is known for shooting videos while standing in front of expensive and luxurious cars while telling their success stories to the viewers.

What mic does Graham Stefan use?

Graham uses [amazon link=”B0711SN3JM” link_text=”Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2-II”] for his videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Since Graham’s videos focus mainly on aesthetics, he needs this mic to easily capture perfect quality audio. 

Think Media

Think Media is a Youtube channel owned by Sean Cannell. The youtube channel is created to assist YouTube content creators in getting the best results for their videos.

What mic does Sean Cannell use?

Sean uses [amazon link=”B010W6WFEA” link_text=”Shure MV51″] and Rode VideoMic Pro+ for their Think Media videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Shure MV51 has an in-built audio interface and a sensitive control panel. This panel works in direct contact with the mic’s recording app, useful with podcast recording apps for iPhone too. 

Jeven Dovey

Jeven Dovey is a famous adventurer and a filmmaker who has created a Youtube channel about filmmaking tips and storytelling essentials.

What mic does Jeven Dovey use?

Jeven Dovey makes use of the [amazon link=”B081S9BCHF” link_text=”Rode VideoMic NTG”] for his videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Rode VideoMic NTG is known for offering versatility as well as perfect audio quality. Thus, Jeven can easily use this mic for his videos which he sheets at home only.

Microphones Popular With Top YouTube Product Reviewers

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is a famous American YouTuber who brings out technology-based videos. His channel enjoys more than 10 million subscribers.

What mic does Marques Brownlee use?

Marques Brownlee makes use of Shure SM7B along with [amazon link=”B00030679K” link_text=”Sennheiser MKH416″] for his videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Marques uses Sennheiser’s mic to get excellent audio quality while he needs to stay off the camera. Also, Sennheiser is a direction-sensitive mic, which implies that it can focus on the direction they are aimed at.

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a channel concentrating on diverse tech topics such as iPhones, Tesla cybertruck. 

What mic does Linus Tech Tips use?

Linus makes use of Rode Videomic Pro for his on-site videos and [amazon link=”B07KQF165L” link_text=”ModMic 4.0″] for his storytime videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Linus uses Rode Videomic Pro for capturing the best quality audio for his video shoots. However, he makes use of ModMic 4.0 for its flexibility. You can directly attach it to your headphones, offering you a way to capture your voice recordings.

Thus, this mic is highly suitable for people who want to use their headphones to record their voice without having a significant mic in front of their face.

Parker Walbeck

Parker Walbeck runs a channel that intends to assist videographers and filmmakers in developing their skills.

What mic does Parker Walbeck use?

Though Parker Walbeck uses diverse mics, he often uses Shure SM7B and Rode NTG3.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Parker is in love with SM7B because it is perfect for up-close voice recording. However, since SM7B is not suitable for on-screen recordings in some sets, this is when Parker uses NTG3. NTG3 is a mic that is often used in TV and films.

Potato Jet

Potato Jet makes videos concentrating mainly on gear used in filmmaking.

What mic does Potato Jet use?

Potato Jet is a huge fan of SM7B.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Since Potato Jet shoots his videos with a ‘direct-to-camera style, he needs a camera to remove any unnecessary background noise. Well, this is where SM7B comes into the picture. 

Microphones Popular With Top How-To Video Makers

Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja is a YouTuber who makes different videos on filmmaking. He has even collaborated with Peter McKinnon for different videos.

What mic does Matti Haapoja use?

Matti Haapoja uses the Shure SM7B.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Since Matti invites guests on his channels, he needs a mic that can record perfectly clean audio that concentrates on the speaker. Thus, he uses SM7B.

Nick Nimbin

Nick Nimmin creates videos revealing tips and tricks to create successful YouTube videos. Thus, if you plan to make a YouTube channel, you need to view his videos.

What mic does Nick Nimmin use?

Nick Nimmin uses Rode mics, using the VideoMic Pro and the Broadcaster.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

The Broadcaster is a condenser mic and, as the name suggests, is used mainly in the broadcasting industry. However, the Broadcaster cannot diminish any background noise. Thus, when Nick is shooting videos while traveling, he uses the VideoMic Pro, which is compatible with location-based shooting scenarios.

DSLR Video Shooter

As the name suggests, this channel is all about videos concerning shooting tutorials for DSLR cameras.

What mic does DSLR Video Shooter use?

DSLR Video Shooter uses Rode VideoMicro, Rode Wireless Go, and Rode VideoMicro with a windscreen.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

DSLR videos require high sensitivity, accuracy, and direction-responsive mic. These features are found in the Rode VideoMicro mic. Also, Rode Wireless Go is another excellent mic that offers flawless audio quality along with a super-cardioid polar pattern.

podcast interview

Microphones Popular With Top Interviews

Powerful JRE

Powerful JRE is a channel by famous podcast celebrity Joe Rogan. His channel talks about different topics ranging from martial arts to politics to elk meat etc.

What mic does Powerful JRE use?

Powerful JRE makes use of Shure SM7B for his videos.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Joe Rogan shoots his videos in the studio with his guests sitting opposite each other. Thus, he needs to use Shure SM7B, which can easily pick up the speaker’s voice while blocking another speaker’s voice, if any.

No Jumper

No Jumper is a podcast channel that Adam22, an internet celebrity, runs.

What mic does Adam use?

Adam also uses SM7B along with ElectroVoice RE20. 

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Jumper makes use of two dynamic microphones as he needs to isolate the voice recordings of individual persons.

Gary Vee

Gary Vee is a channel emphasizing topics such as marketing, entrepreneurs, business, and life-related topics.

What mic does Gary Vee use?

Gary uses Shure SM7B and the Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2 lavalier mic.

What makes this mic a good choice for them? 

Gary Vee uses Shure SM7B to diminish any ambient noises coming into the mic. At the same time, he uses Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2 in videos interviewing his guests. 

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