What is the Best Type of Microphone for Recording Vocals?

What is the Best Type of Microphone for Recording Vocals

Whether you want to be a professional singer, voice actor. Podcaster, you need to invest in the right microphone. If you're wondering what is the best type of microphone for recording vocals, then you've found the right page.

The Best Type of Microphone for Recording Vocals

You must realise that in order for you to find the right mic, you've to understand the following factors. This way, you’ll get the most for your money. You don’t want to end up buying an expensive microphone that doesn’t do justice to your voice. So these factors are really important things to consider before you purchase a new microphone.

1. Budget

Not all microphones that suit your budget will be the right choice. However, it's always better to decide how much money you're willing to spend on a professional microphone.

The good thing is that there are a lot of new brands releasing high-quality microphones at a lower price. Some of them are really cheap yet still sound great enough for beginners. Some can even pass as professional microphones. It’s okay to buy cheap microphones if you’re not going to use them too often or if you're just starting with your home studio.

2. Types of Microphones

Before you choose the brand, you should choose what type of microphone will work best for you. There are typically only 3 kinds of mics for vocals. New advancements in technology have resulted in another type becoming available.

Dynamic Microphones

If you want a durable type of microphone, go for a dynamics mic. These are made to withstand wear and abuse, allowing them to last for years. they're less sensitive than other types. Are better at rejecting the background noise of the environment. That's why they're often used on stage by pop and rock singers. they're also great for recording voiceovers.

Condenser Microphones

This type is more sensitive than dynamic mics, capturing soft or low sounds to produce clear audio. They tend to be faster in capturing sounds too. If there is a major drawback with condenser mics it'd be the need for external power sources like a battery or a phantom power. Because of that, they cost more than dynamic mics.

Condenser microphones are great for either singing or speaking as they can capture your voice more accurately. This way, you’ll be able to notice your mistakes and correct them.

USB Microphones

Many people say that this isn’t a new category of a microphone since most USB mics are condenser mics. Either way, this mic has made recording a breeze by eliminating the need for a battery and a separate AD converter.

It connects to a computer which can operate as your audio mixer, equalizer and the actual source of power. If you love uploading videos of your recordings, this is definitely the mic to choose.

Ribbon Microphones

Though ribbon mics were more popular during the time of radio broadcasting, they're not yet past their prime. In fact, newer models are desired by those who want to add a vintage feel to their voice. If you like reviving old songs, a ribbon mic is worth investing in. Just be ready to pay the expensive price.

3. Accessories

As well as than knowing what's the best type of microphone for recording vocals, it's also important to know what accessories you should've in your studio.


You could buy a computer dedicated only to recording audio. It'll be really expensive. Again, if you're just starting and testing the waters, use the laptop that you already have for now.

A DAW/Audio Interface Combo

You'll need some software for recording, editing and mixing your music and vocals on your computer. This is called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) while the thing that connects the computer with your other recording equipment is called an Audio Interface.


A single pair of headphones is enough for a home studio since you're recording by yourself. Two of the standard designs to consider are closed back and open back headphones. The first type lets you hear isolated sound for tracking while the second one lets you hear high-quality sound for mixing.