PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0 Review + Buyers Guide

presonus audiobox 96 studio usb 2.0

Every musician or music producer relies on special software and hardware to bring their creation to life. So, what if we told you that you can find everything you’ll probably need to record tracks in one tiny device?

In this PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0 review 2021, we’ll tell you all about this buddy’s best aspects. Are you ready to dive in?

PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio Overview

PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio

Who doesn’t like a whole home recording studio package at their fingertips? Well, this is what PreSonus AudioBox 96 is hoping to deliver to enthusiastic musicians.

This unit gives you the chance to create multitrack recordings, make demos, record with your best podcasting microphone, and much more. With two inputs for a mic and an instrument, there’s a multitude of things you can do with such a small device.

Now, let’s explore each one of its features more in-depth.

The Amazing Features of PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0

Numerous qualities make this recording kit popular amongst people in the music industry. Here’s everything to admire about it.

Straightforward Audio/MIDI Interface

Straightforward Audio/MIDI Interface

For all beginners out there, this box can seem like the perfect device to get to record music or audio. It all lies in how simple and easy this interface is to use. All you’ll have to do is plug in your mic, instrument, or both, and start recording right away.

The interface has two mic/instrument inputs, giving you a good level of versatility to suit basic recording purposes. This way, you could create high-quality live recordings, demos, and even field recordings to use as sound effects.

The USB port is the best thing about this audio box, allowing you to connect it to the majority of smart devices. For someone new to this game, things can’t get more simple.

Professional-Grade Quality

The quality of your recordings should be your top priority, and this guy here can help you out with this. For example, it supports a 24-bit resolution, which is the sound quality that all professionals work with.

Also, the kit comes with 96kHz converters to make your results top-notch. See, high-definition recording isn’t far-fetched after all.

What’s more to like about this beauty is that it involves high-performance microphone preamps. Along with the included condenser mic and HD headphones, you should be one step closer to all your musical dreams.

Maximum Compatibility

According to the manufacturer, you’ll only need a computer or laptop besides this unit to have a full-on studio. Even better, your job should be much easier since the AudioBox 96 Studio supports most recording software.

Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, this mini-studio will keep up with either operating system just fine. However, it won’t work on a Chromebook.

Studio One Artist Support

Here’s the real-deal feature that all entry-level artists could take advantage of. Studio One Artist is a software dedicated to music production and recording, and there’s a lot to love about it.

First off, this tool can offer you unlimited tracks and samples to take your music to the next level. It’s pretty hard to find this feature in other recording kits at the same price.

Second of all, Studio One Artist can make complex tasks a bit easier. Even if you’re working with numerous tracks, this application will help you stay focused and organized. This way, your inspiration will remain intact and not get lost in the middle of hundreds of ideas.

Also, this software grants you access to various editing tools so that music production on your computer can be a breeze.

Compact Design

If you’re the traveling type, you’ll most definitely appreciate how portable this recording kit is. All the components are small enough to put in a suitcase along with your laptop. So, the fun shouldn’t have to stop when you’re far from home.

The main unit only weighs about 4.8 pounds. Plus, the package where your AudioBox 96 Studio will be is just 18.54 x 7.91 x 3.78 inches. It’s impressive how such a little device can give you so much in terms of performance and quality.

Reasonable Price

The last thing we’d like to discuss is this product’s price. This little guy is one of the most affordable interfaces out there. And the best thing is that this convenient price doesn’t compromise the quality of the device one bit.

Of course, this makes the AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0 a great choice for beginners. This is because it combines solid, studio-like performance and a reasonable price. There’s plenty to admire about it, right?

Frequently Asked Questions


What software comes with PreSonus AudioBox 96?

The AudioBox USB 96 includes a free license of the Studio One® Artist DAW, which PreSonus’ recording solution. It enables you to record, produce and, of course, compose your music easily. Studio One also has a strong online community that helps you with tips and advice.

Which is better, PreSonus or Focusrite?

Each has its own strengths, but let me point out the key difference and standout features for both:

Focusrite: has a much stronger free software suite as compared to PreSonus. Secondly, if you are looking for bang for the buck, Focusrite is a better choice. Focusrite is much better at high-frequency recordings.

PreSonus: PreSonus has MIDI capability. Focusrite does not have it.

Is PreSonus AudioBox 96 class compliant?

For Windows: You may need to download Universal Control from PreSonus. The device might work even without this update, but it’s better that you do it straight off the bat.

For Mac: The PreSonus AudioBox is class-compliant on the Mac

How do I set up my 96 Soundbox?

You can set up the 96 AudioBox in four easy steps:

1. Registration: Goto your PreSonus account> Register a product> Register. Once done, go to My Products> Software and then register the associated software as well.

2. AudioBox 96 driver: As I mentioned above, the PreSonus AudioBox is not class-compliant on Windows. Just go to AudioBox 96 USB> Operating System> Download Now and download and install the drivers.

3. Connecting: Use the USB cable provided to connect to your PC/Laptop. If you have already installed the drivers, it will automatically detect the device. Next, go to the Sound icon> Sounds> Playback tab. Set this as the default, and then do the same in the recording tab.

4. Optimizing speakers: Set the volume of your speakers to zero while maximizing the volume on the mains and mixer knobs of the AudioBox. Then slowly increase the volume back to set the right volume.

Why is my AudioBox 96 not working?

If your AudioBox 96 is not working, try the following things in sequence:

1. Restart the PC
2. Install Universal Control once again
3. If your AudioBox is not connecting properly, check your USB cable using another device like a phone or camera.
4. Try all ports on the laptop/PC.

If none of this works, reach out to the customer service here.

What makes the HD7 headphones so special?

The included HD7 headphones can give you impressive sound quality, from deep bass to upbeat treble tones. Their sensitivity to sound allows you to hear even the tiniest details in your audio to make your work easier.

Plus, the design of the headphones is ergonomic and adjustable so that everyone can use them comfortably. This may be exceptionally helpful if you spend hours recording music.

Are there any downsides to AudioBox 96 Studio?

Everything in life has pros and cons, but sometimes the upsides can dwarf the drawbacks a great deal. This is the case with our buddy here since it comes with minimal downsides.

For starters, some users stated that the mic was great for recording audio, but not the best for music. Yet, you could always plug in your instruments and save the microphone for vocals only.

Also, it may take you a while to figure out how to set up Studio One because the website might not be clear enough on directions. But once you find your way around installing the necessary drivers, your work should go smoothly from there.

Final Thoughts

After this PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio USB 2.0 review, we’re pretty sure that your interest was piqued. If you’re an entry-level artist looking for a sturdy recording kit to start your musical journey, here’s your shot.

The AudioBox 96 Studio can offer you an awesome balance of quality, portability, and affordability. So, are you prepared to take your music-making to the next level?

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