Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone Review & FAQ

Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone Review

USB condenser microphones are becoming more and more popular today as aspiring singers and musicians show off their talent to the world using the internet. If you are one of them but haven’t yet decided which brand to choose, you should consider the Samson C01U Pro USB Microphone.

This microphone is made by the trusted brand Samson Technologies, which has been in the business since 1980. The company is known for pioneering wireless microphone technology, including the first professional USB condenser microphone. This mic is especially suitable for studio recording, producing a higher quality of audio recording whether with vocals or instruments.

9.8/10 Our Score

The microphone has a large diaphragm that measures 19mm and a super cardioid pickup pattern. Furthermore, it also has a wide range frequency response and zero latency monitoring. These features ensure smooth, clean and clear recordings. Aside from these, the microphone also includes other features that most microphones do not have, such as an LED indicator.


  • USB condenser microphone with large diaphragm that measures 19mm
  • Features super or hyper cardioid polar pattern for cleaner, clearer and better-sounding recordings
  • Has a wide frequency response that ranges from 20Hz-20kHz
  • Captures audio at 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution
  • Easy to set up and use, with a plug-and-play design
  • Great for a variety of recording applications such as voiceovers, songs and instruments
  • Works with other computer applications like Skype and FaceTime
  • Features a headphone output
  • Allows zero-latency monitoring
  • Connects straight to the computer through the USB port without the need for any drivers or applications
  • Features a Peak LED indicator
  • Shock-proof with a durable die-cast construction and a heavy gauge mesh grill
  • Includes a mini tripod stand and a swivel mount
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac and other computer-based digital audio workstations


Overall, the Samson C01U Pro USB Mic is definitely an amazing addition to your home studio. It is an innovative, professional-level USB condenser microphone. It is perfect for beginners and can also be used in professional recording studios. If you want to produce high-quality audio while on a tight budget, this is the brand to choose.

  • If you are tired of using your old microphone that makes your voice sound distorted, you should invest in a better one, which could be the Samson C01U Pro Microphone. This brand has been pioneering innovations in the field of microphone technology, and this model is marketed as the first professional USB studio condenser microphone on the market.


  • Despite the budget-friendly price tag, this microphone is high quality. It is very versatile and can produce clear and accurate vocal and instrument recordings. This is thanks to its 19mm large diaphragm and super-cardioid polar pattern. Compared to the original C01U USB microphone, this upgrade is certainly better. The specs are the same but the functionality is greater.


  • The microphone captures both low and high frequencies, producing sounds that are detailed and clear. At the same time, it also reduces background noise so the sound is cleaner. You can hear the difference through headphones connected directly to the microphone. This way, you can monitor your recording in real-time and make some adjustments as required.


  • You can connect this microphone straight to your computer and use it as the power source, which is like hitting two birds with one stone. You save money by not needing to buy batteries, and you also save time as the recording files are directly saved onto the computer, so any recording projects are a breeze.


  • Another good thing about this microphone is that you do not have to worry about compatibility. It will work fine without installing additional drivers or specific software. In fact, you can plug it into Mac and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android devices. Its versatility and functionality are really the best.

  • The only issue with this microphone is the headphone jack. It seems like the connection is finicky so you might have to try several headphones before you find the right one with both ears working. This is common with 1/8-inch jacks. Other than this issue, everything seems to work excellently as expected.

Is Samson C01U pro good?

Yes, definitely. It is a professional-grade USB condenser mic designed for beginners as well as advanced users too. It’s light on your pocket but comes with a good brand name and specs. It’s incredibly quiet and gives high-quality standard mics a run for their money despite being a USB mic.

How do I use Samson C01U?

Plug the USB cable into the bottom of the microphone and connect it to your machine. Your computer should automatically detect the microphone and set it as your default mic. If you would like to connect your headphones directly to the 3.5mm jack in the mic, you will have to set them as the default speakers on your computer instead of the computer’s default speakers.

How do I turn on my Samson q2u?

One confusing aspect of the Samson Q2U is that the indicator light turns immediately after plugging it into the USB port of your machine. This, however, does not mean that the mic is on. To make sure the mic is on, you have to turn the on/off button on the mic to the On position. If you want to check further if it is on, plugs in your headphones directly into the mic’s 3.5mm jack and start talking. If the mic is on, the voice should go to the headphones. Otherwise, it will not.

How do I connect my Samson mic to my laptop?

The Samson mic is a USB one, so all you have to do is to plug the mic into one of the USB ports on your machine. You will be able to see an LED light on the mic to indicate that the mic has started receiving power. The mic is detected automatically by Windows.

How do I install a Samson sound deck?

You can install the Samson sound deck in a few simple steps:

• Goto
• In the drop-down, go to Microphones> Sound Deck Software.
• You can find both Windows and Mac versions here; choose the appropriate one.
• Then scroll down to see “Applicable microphones.”
• Under this, click on the visit Andrea electronics partner page.
• Then go to this page, and follow the instructions.

Where is the serial number on a Samson c01u pro?

Unfortunately, the serial number is actually provided outside the box for the product, which means that sometimes people who have not bought the product can still go and register the software using this number. To avoid this scenario, you will have to call up Samson customer care. 

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