XIAOKOA USB Condenser Microphone with Dual-Layer Acoustic Filter – Our Review!


It is rare to find a professional recording microphone that can be easily connected with phones and laptops but with Xiaokoa Technology, it does just that. If you want it to be done, let it be done with this technology.

You ought to have fewer hassles and more time to focus on the music or recording you want to develop- may it be for podcasting, singing, live performance, online tutorials, home studio recording, guitar or voice overuse.

Xiaokoa is a professional condenser microphone and a plug and play home studio microphone for android phones and is ideal for recording music and spoken applications such as podcasting, while voice-over mics are excellent for this too.

It is a multi-function, mini-microphone that lets you work on your musical and spoken creativity anywhere by connecting with your mobile phones and personal computers.

9.8/10 Our Score


  • Plug and Play. The XIAOKOA Microphone is a recording microphone that can be plugged straight into your phone with a guaranteed high-quality result.Its professional condenser microphone lets you capture full-bodied and rich sounds directly from sources that are in the mic’s front.Its sensitivity to sounds directly in front of the mic allows capture of better sound quality, minimizing the background noise around it during recording. View prices & buy online here.

  • Voice Distortion. With the said mic it is guaranteed not to distort your voice but create its faithful reproduction.

  • Cardioid Pick-up. The XIAOKOA mic also has a cardioid pick-up pattern which picks up vocals, removing the background noise from the recorded audio. It has a high sensitivity capacitance mark, dual voice coil and better anti-jamming performance.

  • Compact Design. Its over-the-top-compact design makes it highly portable, letting you handle and use it anywhere.

  • Compatible with Most Devices. There is no need to download a specific driver or special tools because it works with just about any software or communication platform. Just plug, play and record.

  • Dual-Layer Acoustic Filter. This also comes with a microphone mount with a high quality two-layer acoustic filter to prevent sound popping and to advance vocal recording quality. This is a special feature that sets it apart from other recording microphones.The filter and the mic can be adjustable according to your distance preference. You may adjust it depending on what works for you and the right sound quality you prefer.

Reviews from verified purchasers of the product attest as to how this product also encourages turning their music and creativity into reality. It allows non-professionals to further develop their singing and practice other spoken applications without the need to spend too much money.

From recording karaoke singing to professional audio-recording, XIAOKOA doesn’t fail to impress. The sound quality is consistently good. The professional dual-layer acoustic filter is a great additional feature that really improves vocal recording quality. It lets you record the best potentials and excellence of your powerful vocals.


The XIAOKOA professional condenser microphone is an ideal portable recording machine with its plug and play feature that even lets you connect and use through mobile phones. No doubt that a simple music recording or a professional project audio recording will both have equal high-quality output.

  • If you are using a personal computer microphone, iPhone, Android phone, or laptop, you need a microphone Y-splitter adapter cable. If you are using a MacBook, you must have a sound card adapter for the mic to work well and get a good sound effect. Adapters are used to easily fit most of the equipment so that the XIAOKOA mic can be connected easily.
  • The need for an adapter separate from the XIAOKOA product is disappointing for some. But an adapter can be easily bought over the internet for a low price. Some find it forgivable and still think the XIAOKOA is a great product for recording.
  • The product’s affordability is a big factor that encourages consumers to buy the product. Its affordability does not mean a compromise on quality.
  • Although the cardioid pick up pattern reduces the background noise, small noises while recording in a loud environment are still present. This is however still tolerable.
  • You may choose to use post-processing programs to remove such irregularities. It is therefore highly recommended that for best quality results, recording should be done in a closed or quiet environment. Loud and extreme environments are not helpful in producing quality sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xiaokoa’s microphone good?

The Xiaokoa is a unidirectional condenser microphone with a strong frequency response and good voice pickup. Perhaps one of the best features about this mic is that you can plug and play this directly into your mobile phone, using the 3.5mm jack provided with it. 

It comes with a 360-degree rotatable stand that is portable and easily foldable. All in all, this is a nice microphone for a personal studio setup, podcasting, YouTubing, streaming, and other applications that require a cardioid pattern device.

What is the difference between cardioid and condenser microphones?

Cardioid refers to the polar pattern of your microphone. A polar pattern is the sphere of sound around the microphone, which is most sensitive to picking up sound patterns. For example, a cardioid pattern microphone picks up sounds from a speaker sitting right in front of it, as well as their sides.

Condenser refers to the technology used in the microphone to convert analog sounds of the user into digital electric current, which you can record and replay. A condenser mic uses an electrical device called a capacitor that can store charge in between two metal plates kept close to each other. In a condenser mic, one of these plates is made extremely thin and is called a diaphragm. The diaphragm vibrates when a sound falls on it, thus changing the gap between the two plates, hence releasing a bit of charge each time. As sounds cause the diaphragm to vibrate, each vibration gets recorded in its corresponding flow of charge from the capacitor, which is then recorded as a digital signal.

Should a condenser mic be upside down?

Condenser mics can be used upside down as well. In tube mics, the tube is kept below the diaphragm. As the diaphragm vibrates, the tubes get hotter. By hanging the mic upside down, you can dissipate the heat without impacting the mic per see.

Some vocalists prefer to sing into an upside-down mic because it forces them to sing upwards. This makes them sing with a more full-bodied voice. It also keeps the mic out of the way if you are reading your lyrics from a page.

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