Mogami Gold STUDIO-100 XLR: Review 2021 Microphone Cable

Made by professionals for professionals, the Mogami Gold STUDIO-100 XLR is a microphone cable with impressive sound performance. For years, it has been mentioned in top-10 lists and XLR recommendations.

Is it really worth all the hype, though? What makes it special compared to other XLR cables? Read on to know more in this Mogami Gold STUDIO-100 XLR product review!

Mogami Gold STUDIO-100 XLR Overview

The Mogami Gold STUDIO-100 XLR is a professional XLR mic cable that offers excellent noise reduction, enhanced dynamic range, and superior clarity.

It comes in nine different length options that range up to a staggering 100 feet. Many hesitate to buy overly long cables because they often interfere with sound quality. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Mogami Gold XLR.

Featuring a balanced 4-conductor cable, the Mogami Gold XLR is known to reduce unwanted background noise and amplify sound without the risk of feedback or distortion.

Wired with Neglex Studio Quad cabling, this XLR cable is as long-lasting as it is functional. It’s specifically designed to handle frequent patching and rewiring.

To further attest to its quality, Mogami offers a lifetime “No Excuses” warranty; something that you’d rarely see in equipment that has any kind of wiring.

Due to its overall premium build and performance, the Mogami Studio Gold XLR is listed at a premium price. However, those that have used it praise it for its exceptional quality.

Technical Specs

  • Connector 1: 3-Pin XLR M
  • Connector 2: 3-Pin XLR F
  • Cable length: 2′ – 100′
  • Insulation type: Polyethylene
  • Jacket type: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Contact plating: Gold
  • Shielding: Bare copper spiral
  • Conductor: Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
  • of Conductors: 4


The Mogami Gold Studio XLR has consistently ranked near the top of “best XLR” lists. Let’s take a look at the features that make this XLR cable worth noting:

Four-Conductor Cable Design

Compared to standard XLR cables with two conductors, the Mogami Gold Studio has four. At first glance, the significance may not be as notable. However, four-conductor wires actually have a higher threshold when it comes to power than the two-conductor wires.

It also has a higher effective gauge, which further increases power delivery. As a result, Mogami Gold Studio’s four-conductor design produces exceptionally clear sound.

It’s also thanks to the Gold Studio’s quad cable design that this XLR has superior noise cancellation. In fact, some users report that it improves the rejection of noise by up to 95%. This makes it especially suitable for mixers, preamps, audio interfaces, loudspeakers, studio monitors, and more.

Gold-Pin Neutrik Connectors

Neutrik XLR connectors are well-loved for their robust construction, easy-to-assemble design, and effective “clamp” function. The gold-plate-over, while less conductive than copper, survives in harsh environments better. It’s also much easier to clean.

Gold doesn’t corrode, while silver tarnishes with sulfur. If given a choice, always go for gold! Another plus on Mogami for thinking this far ahead.

100% Coverage Spiral Copper Shield

Cable wiring comes in multiple shielding varieties, including braid, aluminum foil, conductive plastics, and, of course, spiral shield. Among all mentioned, my favorite type is hands down the spiral shield.

As the name suggests, spiral shields are manufactured by wrapping metallic strands in a spiral fashion around a cable core.

Compared to most other cable shields, spiral shields offer exceptional flexibility and flex life. As a result, they perform increasingly well in audio applications.

Durable Construction

The Gold Studio features Mogami’s trademark ‘NEGLEX’ Oxygen-Free-Copper colour-coded PVC insulation. It’s also covered by a low-profile super flexible PVC jacket that protects the cables from outside elements.

Oxygen-free copper is proven to run cooler than most other types of conductors. Due to its reduced oxygen, it’s far less likely to corrode and is quite resistant to accidental shorts. As such, the Gold Studio XLR has a longer life and greater reliability than most other XLR cables.

PVC jackets are quite popular and used in most cable designs. It’s tough and has decent mechanical strength. Moreover, it’s resistant to abrasion.

If that doesn’t convince you of Gold Studio XLR’s durability, allow Mogami’s lifetime warranty to speak for itself. If anything unfortunate occurs with the cable, all you’ll have to do is visit a Mogami dealer for an exchange or fill out the company’s online Warranty Request Form.

Broad Compatibility

The Mogami Gold Studio-100 XLR features an XLR 3-pin output and input, giving it a broad compatibility function.

The Gold Studio XLR is usually paired with preamps, power speakers, mixers, and audio interfaces. But that’s not all; it can also be used in vocalist mics and percussion in a recording studio, as well as studio monitors and loudspeakers.

Due to its plug-and-play design, the Gold Studio XLR uses the same cable for microphones, instruments, and multi-channel interfaces. It can be used with nearly any device that supports an XLR 3-pin input or output.

Noticeable Sound Difference

At the end of the day, it all comes down to sound. This is especially true if you’re a voice artist, as every component in your audio set must be as high-quality and dependable as possible. With this, the Mogami Gold Studio XLR doesn’t disappoint.

As soon as you plug your audio equipment into the cord, you’ll notice a significant sound difference in your audio.

Apart from noise cancellation, the Gold Studio XLR makes sure your voice is as true-to-life as possible.


  • Multiple cable length options
  • Superior build and shielding
  • Lifetime “No Excuses” warranty
  • Greatly enhances audio quality
  • Can be used in hectic studios with grounding and wiring problems
  • Impressive RF interference and noise-canceling
  • Maintains mic sound clarity
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • Not the most affordable
  • Heavier than typical mic cables
  • Roll-up storage can be challenging due to cable thickness

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a professional artist or simply want to upgrade your audio gear, the Mogami Gold Studio-100 XLR is a valuable addition to your set. Although it’s slightly more expensive than regular XLR cables, it’s well worth the price difference if you’re searching for exceptional audio quality!