How To Connect An External Microphone To A Chromebook

How To Connect An External Microphone To A Chromebook

For someone looking for a lightweight and cheap alternative to a Macbook or a windows computer, Chromebooks are a great option. Chromebooks don’t have all the features of a regular computer but perform all the essential functions just fine. These devices run on Chrome OS and also support Linux and Android OS. 

If you have a Chromebook, you must wonder how to connect an external microphone to a Chromebook. Connecting a microphone to a Chromebook is quite simple. You need to plug the microphone in via the headphone jack or the USB port. Mics that don’t require any driver to work would be great as not all the drivers work on a Chromebook. Plug and play mics would be your best option. You would need to set the input source in the audio settings to the microphone once you have connected the mic for it to work.

Chromebook would be an excellent option for you if you want a device for basic gaming or surfing the internet. For creating content and audio, Chromebook would do the job as a secondary device.

Audacity is a well-known digital audio workstation that you can download on Chromebook since it supports Linux OS. Android support allows you to download several audio apps from the Google Play Store.

You can listen to music, create and edit audio files and podcasts on a Chromebook easily. If you are into recording audio files, a Chromebook would be an excellent option for you. A guide on how to connect an external microphone to your Chromebook is given below.

How To Connect An External Microphone To A Chromebook?

Chromebooks offer multiple ports these days. Before, they used to come with only either a headphone jack or a USB port. But now, most of them have both the port and the jack.

You can easily connect the microphones with a 3.5 mm jack or a USB cable by plugging it into your Chromebook. All the plug-and-play mics work fine with a Chromebook as they don’t require any drivers to work. The process of connecting an external microphone to a Chromebook is mentioned below in a step-by-step guide.

  • First, you would need to switch on your Chromebook and then log in.
  • Then connect the microphone to the device by plugging it in the correct port. You will receive a notification about the connection at the bottom right corner of your Chromebook.
  • Now, open the settings panel on your Chromebook.
  • An arrow icon is right next to your volume icon. Click on that to open up the audio settings on your Chromebook.
  • In the audio settings, click on the input section. There you will find the microphone option that you can set to external or internal. You need to select the input audio to an external microphone for your connected mic to work.
  • After clicking on the external microphone, you are all set. You connected your external microphone to your Chromebook successfully.

How To Use An External Microphone In Several Programs?

You can use your Chromebook to record audio using several programs. These audio recording programs are available on Google play store and Linux terminals. You can use either of the platforms to download these programs. 

You will need to connect the external microphone with the steps mentioned above. Once you have done that, the external microphone will be set as the default device for audio recording for all the Linux or Android apps. Try speaking through the external microphone, and if you don’t run into any other issues, you will be able to record your voice just fine.

There are some audio recording programs like Audacity that would require some adjustment to the settings. You would need to tweak some settings in the program. In the program settings, set the microphone settings. There is usually a microphone option below the record button, clicking on which will open a drop-down menu. You would need to select the external microphone from the drop-down menu to use the external mic.

External Microphone

How To Use An External Microphone In Google Chrome?

Do you want to use your external microphones while surfing the internet? It is possible in your Chromebook. You can easily use the external microphone to record audio messages or talk to someone on chat websites like messenger or skype. You can also use your external microphone to give commands to your Chromebook.

After connecting your external microphone to your Chromebook, you can use it to talk on audio or video conference calls with a headset or to record and send voice messages. Before using your camera or microphone, all the websites ask for permission. You can change the default settings of the website. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, you would need to open Google Chrome on your Chromebook and visit the website for which you need to change the settings.
  • On the navigation bar, there is a lock icon. You need to click on that. It will open up a drop-down menu for the website information.
  • There is an option for blocking or allowing microphone access on the drop-down menu. If you wish to use the external microphone, you would need to set the setting to allow it. You have the option to change the settings in the future if you wish to do so.

External Microphones Suitable For Chromebook

Selecting the right external microphone that works with your Chromebook is essential. Any microphone with USB should be compatible with a Chromebook, but some microphones may require a driver to work, and that won’t work with your Chromebook.

Try to look for a microphone that specifically mentions that it works with a Chromebook to be sure.

Microphones that you can connect via a 3.5 mm jack are an excellent option compared to the inbuilt microphone in your Chromebook. However, it would be better if you choose a microphone with USB connectivity.

Issues You Might Face While Trying To Connect An External Microphone To Your Chromebook

It is pretty common that you run into some issues while connecting your external microphone with your Chromebook. One common problem that users often complain about is that the microphone connected to the Chromebook using a headphone jack doesn’t work for some programs. It is also possible that the same microphone that works fine with some programs won’t work in some other app. Another issue with external microphones when connected to Chromebook is terrible sound quality that is often the case with cheap microphones.

If you have an external microphone that doesn’t work with your Chromebook, you might want to check whether your microphone requires a driver or not. Some microphones require a driver and will not function without them. Before buying any microphone for your Chromebook, check all its specifications.

Android apps for audio recording are the best option for your Chromebook if you wish to use your external microphone just for audio recording. Linux programs are still in testing mode, and there is a chance that you might run into glitches and bugs while using the programs. Android applications are compatible with Chromebook and have easy, user-friendly working that is easy to understand. Android apps also require significantly less processing power to work. That is why they run smoothly on your Chromebook.

There are some apps on the android platform that work far better than others. Some of the apps only offer voice or audio recording, while some offer various other functions to edit and tweak the sound that you record. Make sure that you check out Music Maker JAM and Lexis Audio Editor. These are two of the best audio recorder apps that offer several different functions for editing audio files.

Connecting Microphone to a Chromebook

Tips For Using An External Microphone With Your Chromebook

While the above information should be enough for you to use your external microphone smoothly with your Chromebook, you can follow these tips to have a smooth run when you use the mic. 

  • Always read the whole instructions that come with your microphone. Know what the requirements of your microphone are. It may need the updated version of the Chrome operating system.
  • For recording the best quality audio, always use your microphone in a quiet room. Microphones are sensitive and may pick up noise and chatter that are not even audible to you. Try to speak from an appropriate distance from the microphone that is not too far or too close.
  • There are times when your Chromebook will not recognize the microphone that you have previously worked with. You can fix it by resetting the microphone setting. Disconnecting the microphone and replugging it may also help with this situation.
  • It would be ideal if you stored the microphone properly and always kept it clean. Not just the microphone, you should keep all your gadgets clean and store them properly for prolonged use.
  • If you have done all and still your microphone doesn’t work with any specific program, you can always use another program. There are several programs and apps available for you to use.

Final Thoughts

People have been gravitating towards Chromebooks as they have become efficient and better and come at a much lower price than windows and mac computers. You can use all sorts of computer accessories with your Chromebook.

There are a variety of microphones available in the market that you can use with your Chromebook. The best option in microphones for your Chromebook would be a plug-and-play mic that doesn’t require any driver to work. You can use it to record audio or to talk to someone via conference calls.

We have resources & guides on how to connect your external microphone to an iPad Pro alongside a a guide to connecting an external microphone to a smartphone.

It is pretty simple to use a microphone with your Chromebook. You need to plug the microphone using either a headphone jack or USB port, and it will work just fine. Any external microphone will work with your Chromebook with all websites, apps, and programs if the mic is compatible with your Chromebook.

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