How To Connect an External Mic With an iPad Pro?

How To Connect an External Mic With an iPad Pro

While we have many options that are compatible with the Ipad Pro, podcasters usually believe that it is not possible to connect an external microphone with an iPad Pro. We are here to tell you that this is not true. 

If you are searching for the right external mic that you can connect to in an Apple system, then you are not alone. Using an audio interface is the best and most reliable way to connect an external mic with your system. 

Another affordable option is field recorders. So in this article, we will share every detail about the two options and will explain to you which option is a perfect pick as per your unique needs. 

What is an Audio Interface? 

An audio interface is a system that helps convert microphone signals or audio signals into the digital format of your system. They are connected to the system through a USB cable. Audio interfaces come in a vast range, but even the cheapest option can do the basic job that you need.  

What are field recorders? 

Field recorders are the most commonly used recorders in music production to record audio from other sources like external microphones. They are popular due to their portability. They can be connected to any operating system, including Apple. 

What is the Difference between Audio Interface and Field Recorder 

You must be wondering which is better for you, between Audio Interface or field recorder? It is solely dependent on your purpose. 

Are you going to record audio in an Ipad pro in a stable location like a home or studio? If yes, then nothing is more reliable and affordable than an audio interface. 

However, if you will use your system in a place where there is no ready AC power present, the field recorder is perfect for you. 

Both options can easily convert an XLR( X-Connector, Locking, and Rubber Boost) audio microphone signal to the software of your Ipad pro. 

Why Use an Audio Interface/Field Recorder For An Ipad Pro? 

Below are two good reasons why an audio interface or a field recorder is an ideal option to connect an XLR mic with an Ipad pro: 

# No need to search for compatibility.

You don’t need to know if the mic you are using is compatible with your Ipad Pro or not. You are saved from the hassle of looking for compatibility.

# You can convert your Ipad Pro into a high-quality recording unit 

If you want to move up to high-quality professional content, you can connect a professional-grade mic to your Ipad pro. 

Black screen digital tablet and audio set

Recommended Audio Interface To Use With an Ipad Pro: Scarlett 3rd Gen.

If you have a place with low noise, like a home or a studio, then nothing is as great as Scarlett’s 3rd generation interface. 

Connecting your external mic with an iPad Pro is practical and easy with Scarlett’s 3rd generation interface. The Scarlett also gives you phantom power, which delivers the right amount of voltage necessary to activate microphones. 

Is Scarlett Right For You? If yes, then which one- Solo or 2i2? 

There are two types of Scarlett 3rd generation audio interface available in the market; you need to look at which is the better option as per your need, Solo or 2i2. 

If you want to record audio from one mic or an instrument, then Scarlett 3rd generation Solo interface is a perfect pick. It is an affordable option to set up an Ipad pro. 

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On the other hand, if you want to record more than one audio source like two mics or two instruments, Scarlett 2i2 is a perfect option. 

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The two popular ways are how you can connect Scarlett with an IOS System. 

  • You can easily connect it with a USB Type-C or Type-B cable. 
  • Use a USB C cable with a pass-through power USB C; it also keeps your Ipad on charging at the same time of recording. 

The Scarlett is a good option when it is about recording on an iPad pro when there is a stable location, which means where you have a constant power source. But when you are recording in the field, and there is no power source available, you need a field recorder. 

Recommended Interface for Field: Zoom Field Recorders  

Are you finding a small and simple interface to record your audio in an Ipad pro? Or do you want something much cheaper than scarlet? Here comes Zoom’s handy audio interface. 

The two standard options are Zoom U-22 and U-24; they are compact enough to fit on your palm and are designed for people who want to record audio anywhere they want. 

You can easily connect such an interface with your system through a C type of B type USB cable, or you can also use a B/C type apple adapter. 

Zoom U-22 comes with every feature that you want in an easy-to-use and high-quality interface, and the best part is it has excellent capability to run on an iPad pro. 

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Zoom U-24 helps capture audio from one and more mics or instruments simultaneously; it is more extensive compared to U-22. 

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Affordable External Mics 

You must wonder how much it costs to record in an Ipad pro with an external microphone? It majorly depends on the mic you get for an Ipad pro; on average, it may cost you about $200 for a combo. 

Note: If you have a tight budget, you should opt for [amazon link=” B07RF6MCWH” link_text=” Comica CVM VSOT9C”]; it is the cheapest option. 

The XLR and audio interface gives you a tremendous audio result in an Ipad pro, with an easy direct connection through a USB connection. 

Final Verdict 

The above options of best ways to connect an external microphone with an Ipad pro are listed after months of research. Hopefully, the above products satisfy your audio needs, especially when you are using IOS. 

To conclude, Zoom U-22 is an ideal pick as a handy audio interface and scarlet 3rd generation to capture audio in an Ipad Pro while you are in the studio or at home. You can read more about how to connect an ext microphone to a Chromebook, as well as how to connect an external mic to a smartphone.

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