Earamble BM-800 Condenser Microphone – Our Review & Verdict

Earamble-BM800 Review

For professional recording and broadcasting studios needing a replacement for your current professional condenser mics, you have to try the ease and high-quality sound that Earamble BM800 Microphone can provide you. Why? You rarely see a professional condenser mic that’s plug and play and is compatible with all kinds of devices.

Earamble has a -28dB±2dB sensitivity which enables it to pick up your voice even you’re far from it. Most mics in the market only have around -45dB±1dB sensitivity and some even require you to put your mouth near them to be picked up correctly.

The company also offers up to 18 months warranty and excellent customer service to assist you in any problems that may arise with the product.

Earamble BM800
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Easy and Quick Start. Earamble is basically plug and play. You will ever need to worry about finding adapters, converters or compatible software ever again.
  • Compatible with most devices. With its 5V-48V power requirement and the regular 3.5mm jack, it is supported by almost all kinds of devices you use. No need for power cables to be attached separately.
  • Long-range pick-up. Earamble has 28dB±2dB sensitivity, which is more sensitive than most professional mics out there. It can catch your voice clearly even if you’re far away. You can also increase its range if you connect it to an amplifier with a 48V
  • Provides Crystal Clear Professional Recording. Earamble is designed with cardioid polar pickup pattern, which is best for recording and broadcasting for radio and television.Its super diaphragm capacitance mic core reduces the ambiance and background noise and isolates the primary source of the sound.It also comes with an electronic circuit control and gold or aluminum plated diaphragm capsules, giving you a high-quality audio recording for an affordable price.
  • Reduces background and handling noise. With its sturdy shock mount, handling noise will be decreased. Its wind-proof foam protects the mic from interference, humidity and, user’s saliva.
  • Capture full-bodied sound.The Earamble condenser microphone (different types of microphones), as most professional mics, has a complete electronic circuit control that adequately captures vocals, instruments and other rich sounds directly in front of the microphone.
  • Professional Accessories.Along with the Earamble Professional Microphone, you will get a shock mount, power cable, and wind-proof foam cap, that looks good on camera and in live performances.


For home-based and even professional recording studio packages looking for an economy, high-quality professional condenser microphone, go for Earamble BM800. It is easy and quick to use, compatible with most devices, has a long-range pick-up, reduces background and handling noise, and provides crystal clear professional recording.

You’ll be hard pressed to get a mic that’s this good for its price.

  • Aside from the high-quality and cool features that Earamble Professional Microphone offers, here are some of the positive aspects of this product based on the experience of its users.

  • Clear and Crisp Sound. Many users have tried and tested the Earamble Professional Mic and vouched to its capability to capture quality sound and clear ready to play recordings.

  • Quick Set-up.Once you mount the suspension arm to your desk, you can quickly adjust the mic and the arm in different directions to suit you; whether you’re sitting or standing, it works well.

  • For its affordable price, you will get professional quality audio recording mic for your home-based recording studio.

  • One direction Condenser.Some condenser mics pick up more background sounds, but since Earamble is uni-directional, it focuses on capturing the sound directly in front of it recording your voice loud and clear, much like a voice recording dictaphone , much like a voice recording dictaphone .

  • Professional Design.Aside from its recording capability, it looks cool. So, if you’re making YouTube videos, making it visible on cam gives your video a neat and professional-looking vibe.

  • Study Users have experienced dropping the mic and it still works great after.

  • Despite the features that EarambleBM800 is capable of, some users have experienced negative aspects from this product.

  • Low-quality Parts.Although a lot of users liked its recording capability, the make is quite average, and to some, fragile. There were reports that the clips on the side with a rubber band easily snap off and the metal used is not as high-grade.

  • Not for Recording Music. Some have experienced that it is better at recording broadcasts than recording music because the details and the rich dimensions cannot be met without using a filter or phaser.

  • Low recording. Despite its compatibility with most devices, some devices barely capture any sound even if you’ve adjusted the volume on both ends.It also sometimes gives off a buzzing sound at the other end when you use it for video calls or live gaming sessions (best gaming mic).Customer service advises that to be able to improve sound quality and pick up, you can add a USB soundcard or a 48V-phantom power supply to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BM800 MIC good?

The Earamble BM800 is a great mic for recording studios. It is a high-quality condenser mic available for a budget price. It is easy to use, has a long-range pic up, gives good audio quality, and is compatible with most devices.

Does the BM800 microphone need phantom power?

No, it does not. The BM800 is an electret that uses an insulating film to carry a permanent charge, making it energy efficient. However, we recommend using phantom power to improve audio output.

Can you plug a condenser mic into an amp?

Since the BM800 does not need phantom power, you can connect it to an amplifier. However, this is not the case with most condenser mics because those mics need phantom power to operate.

Is the BM 800 a USB microphone?

Yes, the BM 800 is a USB mic.

Is a condenser mic good for vocals?

Yes, condenser mics are the preferred option for vocals. This is because condenser mics are good at picking up high frequencies, and they are very sensitive to any kind of sound. 

Condenser mics work well in recording studio setup, specifically because of their high sensitivity. They can pick up sounds which dynamic mics will never be able to pick.

Can I put a microphone in AUX input?

If you have a non-balanced and high impedance mic, you can plug it into your Aux Input. On a cautionary note, preamps are not designed to work in this way. As a result, you might suffer poor-quality signals.

How do I connect my BM-800 microphone to my laptop?

To start, you will need a USB sound card and a Phantom power box. Next, you need three connectors:

• Chord to connect the phantom adapter to the power source
• The USB adaptor to the phantom power connector
• Microphone to the phantom power connector

Once you have gathered all this, you need to follow the below steps:

• Step 1: Connect chord three from the microphone to the phantom power
• Step 2: Connect chord two from the USB sound card to the phantom power
• Step 3: Connect chord one from the phantom power to the outlet or the power source
• Step 4: Switch on the phantom power
• Step 5: Connect the USB sound card to the USB port of your computer

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