Dansrue USB Microphone Review

Dansrue USB Microphone Review

When choosing a microphone to buy, it's important that you should take into consideration where the product will be used for, the quality of audio output needed. Your budget. After listing those down, it’s time to look for the brand and model that'd satisfy those qualifications.

These days, the microphone is normally used for interviews, podcasts, audio recordings. Voiceovers. Since everything now is done digitally. All audio outputs are usually needed instantly, USB microphones became popular. Gone are the days when microphones are used to record onto cassette tapes that'd then need to be digitized. Moreover, using a mixer to connect a microphone to the computer is a thing of the past.

Being able to connect directly to the computer is a major requirement when choosing any digital device. For instance, when one wants to buy a mobile phone or a digital camera, one of the main considerations is if it's a slot for a cord that'd allow it to be connected directly to the computer. The same is true for microphones.

A USB microphone is almost the same as regular microphones except that it's two other circuits. The first is an onboard preamp. It does need to be connected to an external preamp or mixer. The other one is the analogue-to-digital converter that transforms the analogue input into a digital output that's recognisable by the software being used in the computer.

Using USB microphones make the whole recording process easier without losing the quality of the audio output. Dansrue USB Microphone is one of the best USB microphones on the market today because of its exceptional qualities that'll be discussed below.

Dansrue USB Microphone Features

Dansrue USB Microphone is one of the smallest and lightest microphones available on the market. Such quality makes it portable and easy to use. it's sure not to get in the way of the user even when he or she's talking directly to the built-in camera of the laptop computer.

This mic is also easy to set up and use. It can quickly be attached and unscrewed from its tripod and is compatible with all common operating systems and apps. There is no installation required as the computer quickly recognises it once plugged.

it's also made of high-quality materials, specifically. The microphone is made of aluminium alloy mesh. This makes it able to withstand rusting. The package also comes with a sponge cap to protect the head of the mic, a user manual. 70-inch cable.


Buying this microphone has a lot of advantages. Below are the more important benefits of owning a Dansrue USB Microphone:

It gives value for money

This product is more affordable than other products that almost have the same specs and inclusions. It also looks elegant for its price. it's also affordable considering the fact that its microphone head is made of aluminium alloy mesh. This is one of the most durable kinds of aluminium.

In addition, other similar products don't include a sponge cover. This high-quality sponge cover could also serve as a pop filter. It makes sure that words with plosives (such as p, b, t) don't produce blasting sound when spoken.

it's perfect for recording with built-in laptop cameras

USB microphones are often used when recording YouTube videos directly onto computers. A lot of YouTube videos are tutorials or product reviews that require the YouTuber to sit in front of the built-in camera to discuss.

The tripod that comes with this kit is just the right size and height. it'll never interfere with the recording of the user. it's also made of hard metal to make sure that it won't easily topple over. The user can confidently hold something with their hands, show it on the camera, without worrying that the microphone might fall.

The neck of the mic that connects to the tripod is also movable. It can tilt up or down up to 90 degrees. Since the microphone is omnidirectional, it can be placed near the mouth of the speaker with some adjustments.

it's a long cable

The long cable is one of the best things about this product. This 70-inch cord gives the user the freedom to move around the studio or the room to show the viewers something. This long cord also makes the microphone usable even outdoors.

The cable is also evidently high-quality and durable. A high-quality cord transmits sound waves effectively, ensuring there will be no unnecessary sound produced during transmission. A good quality cord also preserves the integrity of the voice of the speaker.

it's also perfect for recording music with vocals

Dansrue USB Microphone works great not only with narration or voiceovers. It also does an exceptional job recording music with vocals. This condenser microphone is able to make sound waves coming from different sources distinct from one another. It isolates the primary sound (for instance, the vocals) from the background (from musical instruments), creating beautiful music.


Nevertheless, it's not without disadvantages. They're the following:

doesn't include instructions for troubleshooting

This kit comes with an instruction manual that covers the basic steps on setting up the microphone for use. However, this manual doesn't include clear troubleshooting information for common issues that might arise. For instance, what should the user do if his or her computer doesn't recognise the microphone? what're the possible reasons why the voice of the user sound like a chipmunk and what're the potential solutions?

Including basic troubleshooting steps and FAQ would surely make the experience of using this microphone better.

Manual needs to have bigger texts and should be more reader-friendly

The manual could also use some proofreading and revising. it's not that reader-friendly. It'd be better if the user manual is written for the layman.


Dansrue USB Microphone is a great USB microphone because it gives value for money. it's perfect for recording with built-in laptop cameras. it's a long cable. it's also great for recording music with vocals.

However, the manufacturer might consider including FAQs and troubleshooting guide in the user manual. It'd also help if the content of this manual would be revised and reprinted into a bigger version.


There are hundreds and thousands of USB microphones available on the market today. it's really difficult to make a decision on what to buy. However, what sets this product apart from similar products, such as Fifine Plug and Play USB Microphone, is the length and quality of the USB cord. Dansrue USB Microphone would definitely produce great quality recordings not only because of the microphone but also because of its cord.

The Verdict

Dansrue USB microphone is the best choice among the hundreds and thousands of similar products on the market. It stands out among all other similar kits because though it's more affordable than them, it provides the same kind of recording experience and output. Some more value added, such as a longer USB cable and foam cover.