The Complete Guide to Buying the Best Karaoke Microphone

Buying the best karaoke microphone

Do you love belting out your favorite tunes when you hit the karaoke bar? Most of us do, so why not enjoy the same kind of experience in the comfort of your own home? Imagine the kinds of fun you could have at parties.

Alternatively, why not hoard the karaoke microphone and practice your favorite songs so that you can sing them flawlessly when you stop by your next open mic night.

If you love karaoke, it makes sense to choose a handheld mic that gives you the best possible results at home. However, where do you start looking? After all, it seems as though every brand has a karaoke microphone or two on their books.

With the array of dazzling choices available at all sorts of price points, how do you know which model is best for you? That’s where we come in. We’re going to explain exactly what to look for in a mic and go through some of the more popular models on the market.

Complete Buyer’s Guide for Karaoke Microphones

Starting in the 1980’s and only continuing to gain in popularity since then, karaoke is beloved by millions and is the Japanese trend that swept the nation. While most of us think of karaoke as something to do in a bar after a few drinks, the rise of better and more affordable home technology means you don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver. But, how do you know what to buy to make your karaoke at home dreams into reality?

With this comprehensive buyer’s guide for karaoke mics, we’ve aimed to offer a fair and impartial look at some of the better options on the market. We looked at performance, ease of use, and, of course, price, to come up with the best, versatile karaoke microphone.

We also stuck to models that can just as easily double as a standard mic, so whether you want to toast the bride and groom or belt out their favorite song, you’ll be covered.

We’ve got one or two wireless Bluetooth options in the mix so that you can get to singing wherever you like, no matter how much space is available. The microphones that have made it onto our list are not necessarily the cheapest models out there.

That said, in this game, cheap is not really going to be worth the money in the long run.

How To Choose The Best Karaoke Microphone

Buying The Best Karaoke Microphone Party

If you’re going to invest in a karaoke system for home, you need to consider the mic that you get with the set. Most times, the microphones included with the systems are unreliable and cheaply made. Now, while no mic can make you sound like Pavarotti if you’re more like Eliza Doolittle, quality does count.

A high-quality mic will enhance your voice, while a cheap one will distort it. That could lead to you being put off singing completely.

And, even if the system that you have does come with a good microphone, you’ll want a spare for guests or possibly a wireless model so that you can get the best out of the system.

We recommend looking for a model that can also be used with other systems that you own. This helps to reduce the cost per use as you can use the microphone for more than just singing. For example, if you want to film YouTube videos or you need to give a presentation, a versatile microphone will be best for you.

Think of it as a long-term investment, especially if you want to use it professionally as well. And, if you’re aiming to be a professional singer, think of it as an essential tool.

As with all things sound-related, it’s better to pay a little more and get a reputable model than have to buy a replacement after a few months.

Start By Establishing Your Needs

What do you want to get out of this purchase? Figure out up front what you’re looking for. Do you just want something that makes noise, or do you want better sound quality? How often will you be using it? The more often you use it, the more sense it makes to pay a higher price.

Also, will you need one or two microphones? If you often have friends over to come and sing with you, it makes sense to have a backup. Consider the system that you will use with the mic as well. How many attachments can it take?

The Output

Output quality doesn’t make much of a difference when you’re messing around with your friends at home, but what if you want to record a demo? Not all of us can afford time in a recording studio, and a decent quality mic could be the next best thing.

Types Of MicrophoneBuying The Best Karaoke Microphone Party 2

You would think that one microphone would be very much like another regarding typical use. That’s like saying that all car tires are the same. Just like you have specific tires for certain road conditions and general tires for general conditions, you have mics that fit different needs.

They all perform the same primary function but offer slightly different features. Here are the basic examples you’ll encounter.

TV Microphone

These will connect to your TV directly. You’ll need a smart TV to be able to run an app, or you could try recording a YouTube video and playing that. These are not that common any more thanks to the improved capabilities of tablets and phones these days.

iPad Mic

As the name implies, you plug these into your iPad or tablet. To get the best use out of these mics, you’ll need an app. The quality is not bad at all, and most options are wireless. These are quick and easy to get up and running. Have a different type of computer you want to plug into? Check out our breakdown on the best microphone for computer use here.

Microphone Stand

Yes, we said microphone stand. What we’re talking about here is a system that incorporates the mic as well. This is usually a fully contained system that is really great for karaoke. They’re pretty useful in that they are often more compact and easier to store.

Wired or Wireless?

That’s going to depend on how seriously you take your performance. A wireless option is convenient, but there may be issues when it comes to the quality of sound produced. There may also be lag or interruptions if the connection is lost.

Wired is better in terms of overall quality of sound. There is no concern about the signal cutting off out of the blue. That said, you’ll need to step around the wire or make allowances for it, and this can be annoying if you are really getting into your performance.

The Mifanstech Q9 Karaoke Microphone

Portable karaoke becomes a real possibility with the Mifanstech Q9 and carrying case. It has wireless capabilities and will connect to a range of different Bluetooth karaoke machines.

We like that it is Bluetooth compatible and that you can run it as a wireless karaoke mic if you like. The built-in speakers are also a plus. We also liked the fact that you can adjust the echo, bass, and treble. Recharge the battery using the micro USB port.

If the machine you’re connecting with does not have Bluetooth capabilities, that’s no problem — just connect using the cable provided.

Archeer VHF Bluetooth Microphone System

Archeer has built a reputation as a high-end company, and you can see this with this mic. The cable that comes with the mic is the more high-quality 6.35mm cable, but you can also swap this out for a 3.5mm one.

Unlike the Mifanstech model, this one does not come with built-in speakers, so you’ll have to connect to a speaker or amp for it to work.

It does need batteries to run, and this can be both a positive and negative. It’s good if you want to be able to sing for hours; all you need to do is to keep some batteries on hand. It’s bad in that you have to keep replacing the batteries.

The sound that this model puts out is brilliant, so if “I had a bad mic” is your go-to excuse, this might not be the best option for you.

What we do like is that there are two mics in the set, so if you love singing duets, this is the go-to option. Setting it up is going to require reading the manual, which we know can be boring, but if you want a superior sound experience, it’s a well worth it.

The Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone

If you are a Shure fan, you’re going to love this model. It has all the features that you need in a karaoke microphone but offers a super-cool retro design. Just close your eyes, grab hold of the mic, and start singing. It’s not hard to imagine that you’re in a recording studio.

The super-cardioid microphone functionality is something that is worth paying the extra cost. Moreover, if sound quality is your ultimate goal, the cartridge has been shock-mounted to insulate the sound better. This mic was designed for vocalists, and you’ll hear the difference right off the bat.

If you like to give your best rock and roll impression when out and about, then this mount can be swiveled to allow for much more movement. Personally, we think this looks best when crooning a soulful love song.

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Wireless Vocal Combo

One thing that you can be certain of is that Shure will never let you down. These mics are not cheap, and the sound quality is impressive, especially when it comes to a wireless model.

You do get two dynamic cardioid mics in the set to ensure that the voice quality is perfect. There is also an adjustable gain control, and you’ll find it easy to match frequencies. We do recommend that you check which frequency is going to work best for where you’ll be singing.

You’ll need AA batteries to power the mic and can expect at least twelve hours of voice time. That’s plenty if you’re chilling at home or if you want to go out and play a gig. These mics make the crossover from personal to business use effortless.

Singtrix Party Bundle

Maybe you want to get everything all in one go. Then this is the option for you. This set features your microphone with HIT control built into it. It features vocal effects that can make you sound fantastic and that allow you to have much fun at your next party.You also get a speaker that has a good subwoofer in it. However, what we really like is that you get a pro stand that has a boom arm along with a holder for your device. So set it up and read the words straight off your smartphone or tablet.

What you’ll love most are the filters that you can apply. These are awesome for adding some extra depth and quality to your singing and can also be used to change the gender of your voice. It’s a great quality system for those who want to have a lot of fun and enjoy karaoke.

That’s a Wrap

Well, that’s about all we have to say for this review. Our last piece of advice — choose any one of the models reviewed here to up your karaoke game significantly. You’ll pay more, but the sound quality and durability will pay off in spades.

The Shure Super is our absolute favorite because of its high-quality sound and stunning good looks. It performs well over extended periods of time. If you’re a professional recording artist, this will be one of the best choices for you.

If this is something that you are buying mainly for the fun of it, the Singtrix Party Bundle should top your list. You get a complete system that is pretty simple to set up and something that will provide hours of fun at your next party. Have you always wanted to know what you sound like when singing like a robot, now you can find out. However, if that doesn’t blow your hair back, at least one of the other 299 filters and sounds should do the trick.

Overall, you need to decide what it is that you want most out of your sound system. It is an investment, so make your choice wisely. But, think of all the fun you’ll have with your new karaoke system at your next house party.