CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone Review

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone Review

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone is an affordable, easy to install and good quality recording microphone that both professionals and non-professionals can use for speech, studio vocals, instruments, desktop recording and podcasts.

Social media and gaming sessions are also made easier with its USB plug –making recording so much easier by direct connection to computers. There is no need for an on or off switch, nor to download a driver software. By simply plugging to the USB Port, CAD U37 is ready for recording. It is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

There area variety of color styles available of CAD U37. It is offered in eight colors. You can choose from gray, black, orange, white, cammo, candy apple, champagne and red-white.

Features of the CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

  • Huge Condenser Mic.CAD U37’s features include a huge condenser microphone suitable for rich recordings. It also has a pick-up cardioid which reduces background noises and isolates the primary sound source.
  • Bass-reduction switch.An added feature is the bass-reduction switch for room noise reduction.The latter feature is useful if you need to reduce low frequencies during recording or remove ventilation noise and wind noise. You just have to switch the CAD U37 in the Bass Reduction position.
  • Side-address design.It comes with it a side-address design suitable for TV and radio broadcasts, and studio recordings. Such a feature is ideal for creating podcasts and your own voiceovers for videos.
  • Minimizes Distortion. The -10dB overload protection switch has the ability to reduce distortion from loud sounds. Its smooth and extended frequency is ideal for speeches, singing, and instrument recordings for excellent output.

Included in the purchase is a microphone desktop stand and a 10-foot USB cable with flexible microphone placement.The desktop mic stand is also very easy to set up and the cable allows a significant distance in case of movements or adjustments prior to or while recording.

Pros and Cons

Reviews from verified purchasers have satisfactorily approve of the features mentioned above.

CAD U37’s affordability has allowed and has given opportunities for home recordings and podcasting. It’s easy set up feature makes a perfect introduction for first timers.

Variable settings on the mic are available to complement different options for mic recording. The first switch on the front allows you to decrease the sensitivity of the microphone so that loud sounds would not affect the clear quality of the recording. The second front switch is for the reduction of picking up deep-bass sounds.

Its cyan LED is very responsive as to indicating the power and recording level. You can monitor and create adjustments while recording as the recording level is visible.

It adds up to a smooth Skype or chat experience functioning as a high-quality microphone. And for gamers, you can use the mic at full volume with speakers for a complete game session experience.

It is highly recommended for solo studio recording. Every solo acoustic performer should be equipped with this product if they wish to record their music with such high quality anywhere they are. One can record music without the need of setting up another mic for the instrument to be used. It can create about the same quality as that of having an instrument having a separate mic. It picks up sound very well.

CAD U37 for recording music from electric guitars through an amplifier by setting the amplifier to the side also creates an almost perfect reproduction of the sound. The output is still great because the distant translation does not affect over all sound quality.

Take note that this is a studio-quality recording microphone which is why it picks up sound very well and is sensitive to noises if recording is done in an extremely loud environment.

Some adjustments are needed when recording in a noisy environment. Post-processing programs will help cure and reduce noise backgrounds which are available for free over the internet (i.e. Audacity). This is why this product is highly recommended to be used in a closed or quiet environment to get the best quality of recorded sound.

Although bass reduction helps in noise reduction, it can however affect the overall quality of the recorded sound. But it can be adjusted as well through post-processing programs to further remove noise background.


This product is not highly recommended as a band mic, nor is to be used to record live performances as it expected that background noise will be too immense that it may even be difficult to adjust even if with the use of post-processing programs.

Overall, the CAD U37 is digital recording made easy for everyone who is interested in jump starting their recording or podcasting career even from their own homes. The easy to manage features add up to the flexibility of the product.

Having knowledge of the few adjustments and post-processing recommendations, this recording microphone is what you will need in order to have an easy and manageable studio-quality recording.