Best Podcast Recording Apps For iPhone

Best Podcast Recording Apps For iPhone

Podcasts do not need to consume your time and money. For both Android and iOS, numerous apps allow you to record on the move. 

Apple only provides two built-in iOS apps for ongoing recording. You are not permitted to publish on your site, but they are both simple to use. 

This article provides a list of some of the best podcast recording apps for iPhone in both the paid and free categories. Let’s begin. 

Best Recording Only (Non-publishing) Apps

#1. Best Overall Recording App: AudioShare

Kymatica’s AudioShare is a tool for those who work with sounds. It is so helpful and easy to use that everyone can handle audio files of all types on their iPhones and iPads.

Audioshare lets you import and export any file and lets you store your files as well. It has integration with both Dropbox and SoundCloud. It lets you make cuts and fades on your files. The app is reasonably priced as well!

How much will it cost you?

$3.99 a month

#2 Best Recording App For Podcasts: Alitu 

Alitu is a web-based software designed to make it easy for you to produce a podcast as easily as possible.

You begin by uploading or capturing your audio recordings in the app. Alitu cleans your audio automatically and does procedures such as reducing noise and increasing the volume of spoken conversation. 

You can add your theme music, add fades, and you can even add things like ads or segment intros by dragging and dropping them in the right place. 

How much will it cost you?

$28 a month, or you can choose to take the yearly option for $280

#3. Best Free Podcast Recording App: GarageBand

This studio app is a popular choice for podcasters since it offers a wide variety of audio capture functions free of charge. 

GarageBand lets you record songs across more than 250 tracks, pick the best one, or share podcasts that you may register on SoundCloud.

How much will it cost you?

It’s a free app.

#4. Second-Best Free: Hokusai

Hokusai is a tool for creating new audio or sophisticated and comprehensive modification of old audio like an “art package for audio.” 

It offers a lot of effects and capabilities, integrates well with iOS’s Scribble, but is meant for shorter audio files.

How much will it cost you?

Free app.

#5. Best MultiTrack iPhone Recorders: MultiTrack DAW

A multitrack recording device is software that can record many things onto a single track at once. Each track represents the distinct sound of each person in the recording.  

MultiTrack DAW lets you record 24 such audio tracks and has high-end editing options as well. You can add compression and equalization to make your final audio file perfect. Talking of editing, check out our settings for Audacity when podcast editing and recording.

How much will it cost you?

$9.99 a month

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Honorable Mentions

We have an awesome round-up on the best microphone for podcasting, in case you were looking into that as another option.

#6. Auphonic

Auphonic Edit is a mobile, non-destructive audio editing and recording device that concentrates on usability, high-quality audio, and stability.

It can post, encode, tag, and publish your podcasts, interviews, and music recordings with just one click in conjunction with the integrated Auphonic Web Service. 

You can use this app to get professional quality audio using even the inbuilt microphone or any external USB audio/microphone with your iPad. You can even preprocess the raw audio file using an Android phone.

How much will it cost you?

Free app.

#7. Twisted Wave Recorder

The recorded files from TwistedWave can be read and saved in any format, including Aiff, Wav, MP3, MP4, Flac, and Ogg/Vorbis format.

TwistedWave recorder also supports BWAV metadata for wav and AIFF files as well as Soundminer information. This metadata can also be stored in FLAC files as foreign metadata.

How much will it cost you?

Free app.

#8. Backpack Studio

Backpack Studio can produce excellent recordings for both beginners and experts in a few easy steps. You can add music, sound effects, and bumpers to enhance your audio file.

Sounds may be loaded straight into your iPad from Dropbox or the iCloud drive integrated file library. 

How much will it cost you?

$9.99 a month

#9. Twisted Wave Editor

TwistedWave Editor is an oldie but a goodie. The software is intuitive and makes things easy to use. Twisted Wave has advanced editing features, including normalization, fades, smart zooming, and filters.

You can upload files to the app via Dropbox, Box, Files App, iTunes Files Sharing, and even from your Music Library inside the TwistedWave. (DRM-encumbered, Apple Music streaming tracks cannot be opened.) On the other hand if you’re looking into mics for podcasting, have a read of the microphones used by top YouTubers!

How much will it cost you?

$9.99 a month

#10. Bossjock jr

BOSSJOCK JR combines the soundboard of a cart with a recorder that mixes and masters intelligently in real-time. You can record perfectly in real-time without having to worry about post-production.

Just add your pre-recorded music, sounds, and other portions in the app, and they will be included during your actual recording. Ideal to easily create audio files for your audio content, DJ mixes, radio shows, and even Video. 

How much will it cost you?

Free app.

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Best Recording + Publishing Apps For iPhone

#11. Best Paid: Podbean

Podbean offers you episode download figures and gives you insights that will better help you understand how the podcast works with your audience. 

Podbean aggregates all data for your downloads automatically and offers you the top ten episodes of different dates. Identify which segments are popular and build on the success of those episodes.

How much will it cost you?

$9 per month, or else you can take the yearly subscription for $99.

#12. Best Free: Anchor

Anchor provides limitless, free hosting. You can simply record your episode and upload it to their hosting platform. Anchor has drag-and-drop editing functionality that makes it very easy to use for beginners.

How much will it cost you?

Free app.

#13. Best Free: Podcast Studio by Speaker (with in-app purchases)

Podcast Studio by Spreaker has both a desktop and mobile app and works just like an internet radio station. You can do live episodes with your listeners in real-time with this app.

You can add sound effects and clips while broadcasting in real-time. Spreaker Studio also includes a trim option on the editing front.

How much will it cost you?

Free, with in-app purchases.

Wrap Up

Each recording tool discussed in this article offers excellent audio capture capabilities and makes it possible to generate high-quality podcasts. We have tried to give both professional-grade and free options so that you can choose as per your need. Do send us your comments and suggestions!

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