What Are The Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals?

best microphones rap vocals

Landing a record deal requires a great demo. If you're an aspiring rap artist you need to be able to record studio-quality vocals. But, what kind of mic do rappers use to capture every syllable? Rap is different than recording a classic vocal track. You need a microphone that can pick up the fast and detailed words as clearly as they're said in the room.

Rappers’ lyrics must be clear as a bell for the listeners to appreciate their message and music at the same time. that's why they need a proper microphone that'll help them deliver a great performance, whether live or recorded. With so many choices out there it seems easy to choose but, only a few mics on the market can handle rap vocals.

Here, we give you the list of the best performing and recording microphones for rappers on the market.


Our Top 5 Mics For Rap Artists


Audio-Technica AT2020 $ 4.4/5
 Shure SM58-LC $ 4.8/5
  Rode NT1A $$$ 4.4/5
AKG C214 $$$ 4.5/5
Rode NTK $$$ 4.3/5


Finding the Mic That Rappers Use: The Top Five

1. Audio-Technica AT2020

Just starting out?

Audio-Technica has you covered with their budget-friendly AT2020 microphone. This is a popular choice for beginners in the rap game because of its affordable price and quality output.

Despite being inexpensive, you can expect to get a powerful, natural, and clear sound using this.

Like any condenser microphone, this one also connects via XLR wires. This means that you'll have to get a separate interface to power it. It also has a cardioid polar pattern for isolating the sound and eliminating noise.

Meanwhile, the mic has a wide frequency response ranging from 20 to 20 kHz, which happens to be the range just right for recording rap vocals.

If you're setting up your home recording studio and working on a tight budget, the Audio-Technica AT2020 won’t let you down.

2. Shure SM58

It can be confusing to understand what kind of mic rappers use because both condenser and dynamic mics can be used for different purposes.

For live performance, a dynamic microphone is preferred. The most trusted dynamic mic is the Shure SM58. This mic has been popular since it was first released. Many rappers and singers still prefer it over the latest brands.

The Shure SM58 is the best in almost every aspect of performing live on stage. It’s very affordable too.

This dynamic mic features a unidirectional pattern for isolating the sound and decreasing the background or crowd noise. Meanwhile, its frequency response is high enough for live performance.

it's 50 to 15, 000 Hz, covering your whole vocal range while rapping.

Overall, this mic is great for a variety of vocal styles. Should you want to switch from rapping to singing, this mic has you covered.

Durable as ever, you can use this microphone for years to come, bringing it to your gigs anywhere.

3. Rode NT1-A

If you've a bigger budget for buying a condenser microphone, then you should step up to the Rode NT1-A. This mic works well for rap vocals as it's versatile and able to cater to all kinds of rap songs.

Reviews say that it can record really loud sounds without distortion or hiss. Thus, it'll capture your every word and verse during recording. Meanwhile, you'll also like the fact that it produces warm and clear sounds.

The construction of this mic is top notch. It can last for years if you know how to take care of it.

The diaphragm is gold-plated while the body is nickel-plated. As well as recording vocals, this mic is also good at recording musical instruments.

Read our in-depth review of this awesome microphone here.

4. AKG C214

The AKG C214 is a mid-range mic that's a favorite among rap artists. it's also outstanding for recording musical instruments. You don't have to buy a separate mic.

Aside from this, it also has an SPL that's as high as 156 dB. You can expect that your rap recordings will be powerful and warm. Plus, you can even add a bass-cut filter for a different effect.

This mic is well built with a solid and all-metal body.

You can find out a ton more about this great option in our full review here.

5. Rode NTK

When you're ready to get professional, the Rode NTK is the top of the line.

The best of all the microphones for recording rap is created by Rode NTK. However, this microphone is really expensive.

Many professional recording studios have this mic because it's great at picking up lower frequencies. So, if you've a low voice, this is a good mic to invest in. Prepare to spend a lot of money on it.

If you're just setting up your studio, then you know you need a separate phantom power supply for a condenser mic to work. So, to offset the higher ticket price of the Rode NTK, the manufacturer included everything you need in the case.

Price tag aside, this microphone is the best for producing a clear and smooth sound that'll get your demo heard.

Your Vocal Style and Music Determines Your Best Bet

At the end of the day, the type of mic rappers use only matters if your type of rap is recorded well with it. The best idea to make sure you've the most quality track you can get is to try out a few different microphones to record your rap first.

Since the microphones we've suggested aren’t budget breakers you can afford to try more than one at a time. The best prices we've found for all of our suggestions were on Amazon and you can find some other recommended mics below. Use the chart above to find the best prices on our top 5 mics that rappers use.

Looking for more information about how the type of microphone effects recording? Check out our breakdown here.

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