Best Microphones for Streaming in Apr 2021 | A Buyers Guide

Best Microphones for Streaming

For the dedicated podcaster, streamer and Twitch fan, you want the best production quality from your microphone. Gone are the days of the muffled, broken stream – this is 2020 after all. With a broad range of microphones available on the market, the industry bods are creating something special for the modern streamer.

You asked we listened – here’s our ultimate review of the best streaming microphones in 2020:

No. 1
Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

Overall the Snowball is a well-celebrated piece of kit. With its robust and funky design matched with easy use, this USB microphone is worth the dollar. Some users have struggled with the Snowball’s highly directional pickup and have found their streaming quality only marginally better than their PC microphone. That said, the Snowball is highly popular and affordable.

Sound quality: Dubbed as giving you crystal clear audio, the Snowball struggles to perform consistently. Perhaps one of the better USB microphones on the market, you cannot deny the Snowball’s ability to outperform some of its counterparts. Our verdict: the Snowball is worth a look.

  • Crystal clear audio that puts your built-in computer microphone to shame
  • Uses a cardioid pickup pattern that produces a clear and focused sound – perfect for streaming, podcasting and Skype
  • Visually appealing with its stylish, retro design
  • Includes an adjustable desktop stand so you can position your mic where it will pick up the best sound quality
  • Deliver loud and clear sound on leading VOIP platforms
  • Not as small as some of its counterparts
  • Highly directional pickup – you will need to place the Snowball precisely when recording
  • Comes with a USB B, so be prepared to adapt

No. 2
Professional Cardioid Microphone Bundle Kit

Professional Cardioid Microphone Bundle Kit

There’s a lot to like with the USB Condenser Microphone. Its flexible arm allows you the maneuverability required for active streamers, all while picking up the nuances of your voice when in prime position. Seeing as the USB Condenser Microphone is primarily a condenser mic, it has a wide range of functions that include broadcasting, podcasts and recording. For the XBOX enthusiast, this isn’t the mic for you.

Sound quality: One of Amazon’s top choices for streaming microphones, the USB Condenser Microphone is highly rated. Offering professional standard sound across a variety of platforms, the USB Condenser Microphone is a streamer’s dream. With its user-friendly and plugin and play feature, this mic should be on your wishlist.

  • Crystal clear recording – Wide frequency response (30Hz to 16KHz) and 24bit/192KHz bit sample rate gives you high-resolution audio
  • Cardioid pickup pattern captures accurate and pristine sound
  • Simply plug your mic into your computer’s USB port and play!
  • Comes with noise elimination accessories to minimize unwanted vibrations and plosive sounds
  • Highly compatible and versatile with most mainstream operating systems (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Not compatible with XBOX or Android smartphones
  • Adaptors are needed for an iPhone.
  • The arm joints need to be very tight to hold the weight of the mic
  • Windows 10 may ask you for a driver

No. 3
Blue Yeti USB Mic

Blue Yeti USB Mic

We can’t deny it; the Blue Yeti is a stellar microphone. With its innovative design and sound flexibility, the Yeti produces industry-standard recordings. At the push of a button, you are in control of the headphone volume, pattern selection and microphone gain. Instant mute is also available! For the streamer who wants to attract an audience, or just sound clear as a bell, the Yeti is the USB mic for you. Easy to set up and with the Yeti’s adaptable body, you can match the pros!

Sound quality: Leading the pack, the Yeti offers clear, professional sound that would make some in the industry squirm. With its streaming capabilities, the Yeti offers you more for your buck. Undeniably, the Yeti is on the pricier end of the scale, but if its quality and clarity you want, this little gem is the mic for you!

  • The Yeti’s custom three-capsule array creates broadcast-quality sound perfect for game streaming, podcasts, and YouTube
  • Incredible sound flexibility – cardioid, omni, bidirectional and stereo allow you to record like the professionals
  • Studio controls put you in the recording and streaming driver’s seat
  • Unrivaled broadcasting sound all from your USB mic
  • Optimal sound quality – adjust and pivot the mic to the sound source
  • Incredibly sensitive mic
  • No pop-filter included, so watch out for the plosives!
  • No volume limiter

No. 4
Neewer USB Microphone Kit

Neewer USB Microphone Kit

Incredibly affordable, the Neewer is a great microphone for those on a tight budget or just starting out. With an easy and user-friendly setup, streamers that use Twitch or YouTube will be able to use this mic instantly.

Sound quality: Some users have experienced small yet impactful streaming and recording issues. Although the Neewer claims to produce crystal-clear audio, the mic does suffer from sensitivity at times. It may cut through your desired sound quality. So, approach the Neewer with caution even if it seems like a good entryway into the world of broadcasting and streaming!

  • Produces high-quality, distortion-free and crystal-clear audio
  • Perfect for various streaming and recording needs
  • Professional sound chipset which makes the USB mic hold higher-resolution sampling
  • Shock-mount to neutralize surface tremors and typing sounds
  • Instantly connect to your PC or laptop
  • Place the Mantis anywhere on your desk or go handheld
  • Short USB cable included
  • Super sensitive microphone
  • It’s a side-facing mic, not a front-facing mic

No. 5
USB Microphone with Tripod Stand

USB Microphone with Tripod Stand

An excellent value condenser mic! This USB mic is incredibly easy to use, setup and rarely fails to deliver on sound quality. Perfect for streaming, your fellow gamers or active audience will hear your voice as clear as a bell. There is very little to fault with this USB mic, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the microphone for you.

Sound quality: Crystal clear and with very little background interference, this is a superior budget-saving mic. For the serious streamer, this USB mic is built to last and will continue to deliver top-notch sound for your budget.

  • Simply plug and play – no additional driver software required
  • Great for streaming, gaming, podcasting, recording, YouTube, Twitch and more
  • Cardioid pickup pattern that captures the crisp, clear and smooth sound of your voice
  • Excellent at eliminating background noise
  • Incredibly easy to install and adjustable pop filter
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux
  • Versatile shock mount included
  • Some people have found the mic can be quite quiet

No. 6
USB Streaming Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit

USB Streaming Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit

Versatile, flexible and easy to use, this mic is a quality piece of kit for the aspiring YouTuber and streaming sensationalist. For a condenser mic, it delivers a lot for its mid-range price tag. Not only will you get a clear, crisp, and professional sound recording, but your fellow streamers will also be able to hear you like you’re in the room with them.

Sound quality: If the pristine and accurate sound is what you’re after, this mic efficiently delivers. With its super-easy setup and instant usage, the USB Streaming Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit is worth investing in for the serious and aspiring streamer!

  • Simple to connect with its plug and play feature – no extra drivers needed
  • Great for live streaming, podcasting, gaming, music/video recording and more
  • Wide frequency response
  • Incredibly user-friendly design with a convenient volume control button
  • Sturdy and durable boom stand included
  • All premium accessories are included! From the cardioid condenser mic to the sound card boom arm shock mount pop filter- it’s all there!
  • Not compatible with phones and XBOX

No. 7
Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Condenser Microphone

Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Condenser Microphone

The G-Track Pro certainly lies on the higher end price-wise, but you get a high-end mic! Exceptionally flexible, the G-Track Pro microphone lets you take control.

Sleek and professionally built, the G-Track Pro is a welcome addition to the serious streamer. Plus, it is ridiculously simple to set up and use.

Sound quality: Few users have experienced background noise or feedback issues with the G-Track Pro. This is undoubtedly a step-up microphone for those with entry-level recording equipment. If you want to produce clear and precise sound, this is the mic for you.

  • Professional all-in-one USB microphone – you can record your voice and instrument at the same time!
  • Perfect for streaming, gaming, podcasting and recording music
  • Front panel mixer at your fingertips
  • Studio standard recording equipment
  • Three selectable pickup patterns – cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional
  • High definition audio 24-bit 96KHz resolution
  • Simply plug and play – no extra drivers required
  • Level control for zero-latency monitoring with stereo headphone output
  • Connect your guitar and hit record
  • Erratic production if input and output samples aren’t the same
  • Short USB lead – you’d be better to invest in a higher quality one

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