Best Mic For Recording Vocals: Your Options

Best Mic For Recording Vocals: Your Options

Gone are the days where you've to go to a professional studio just so you can produce a quality type of sound recording.  Today, all you've to do is to purchase the best condenser microphone and you can have a top-notch recording studio right in the comfort of your own home.

These type of microphones usually come with other gadgets and gizmos that'd enhance the recording quality. You can almost always see them in action in Youtube videos of professional gamers, artists who do covers of different songs. Vloggers who do voiceovers. People who do podcasts also rely heavily on condenser microphones.

Needless to say, this type of equipment has really a lot of uses. But the question is—what should you buy? We listed three of the best condenser microphones that you can ever find on the market. Tell you which one is the best of the best.

Best Mic For Recording Vocals: The Contenders

M. Way Studio Broadcasting Vocal Recording Microphone KTV Mic

we've the M. Way Studio Broadcasting Vocal Recording Microphone KTV Mic. it's a high quality microphone audio cable which is 3.5mm in length. You can also plug it straight to your computer as it's a special computer plug. The microphone head uses electroplating technology.

it's a .5V power supply which has a dual-channel for an ultra HD audio output circuit. It comes in two colors: black and blue.

The size is approximately 155x45x42mm. It comes with the microphone, the BOP cover, a support, an audio cable. The user manual.

The best thing about the M. Way Studio Broadcasting Vocal Recording Microphone KTV Mic is how it richly captures sound. It can record full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic.

The no switch design makes it also convenient to use as you can just plug and play. The build of the shock mount is durable and reduces sound movement.

However, you need to use an external sound card for it to perform high-quality. It comes with a windmuff that helps to distort noise. But when you come in contact with the windmuff itself, it'd definitely capture the scratching sound.

G-Touker Professional Studio Recording Condenser Microphone

Another kind of condenser microphone is the G-Touker Professional Studio Recording Condenser Microphone. it's equipped with a cardioid microphone head.

It also has a built-in noise cancellation professional audio decoder chip. You can pair it with most devices as it's compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone. Android.

It also comes with a tripod stand and dual-layer filter paired with a Y-type splitter. it's an adjustable stand, an anti-spray sponge, a 1× 3.5mm headset splitter adapter. A user manual.

Although this is the simplest condenser microphone in this list, it doesn't suffer in comparison as it also captures crisp and clear sounds. Its best attribute is that it's very handy. You can plug it with almost any gadget that you'd want to record with.

You also don't have to worry, downloading a separate software as there is no need for it. It doesn't need any software for this product to be installed correctly.

It actually eliminates any desktop noise. The voice quality is also slightly improved due to its soft and clear voice output. You can get away with just using this set alone as you don't need to purchase a phantom power supply.

The biggest flaw of the G-Touker Professional Studio Recording Condenser Microphone is probably its microphone. The microphone that it's fails in comparison with studio-grade microphones. Yes, it can still record properly and capture clear sounds. But you can find something better.

it's not the most professional condenser microphone out there. If you just need something that's a bit better than straight up recording from a mobile device or personal computer, you'd like this microphone. But for professional videos or podcasts, it's a so-so product.

Zingyou  Condenser Microphone Kit

Lastly, we've the convenient Zingyou  Condenser Microphone Kit. it's a microphone that's a BM-800, a pop filter, a shock mount, an anti-wind foam cap, a suspension scissor arm that's adjustable, a stand power cable. A sound card.

it's a ratio that's set to a high signal-to-noise which means that there is less distortion while in the recording process. it's also designed to prevent unwarranted pop noises due to the unique, protection system that can provide singers with a clear and plosive-free vocal performance. It also comes with a detailed “how to assemble” video and a user manual.

It prides itself with its thin material diaphragm or (sometimes called a capsule) which provides an accurate representation of what you want to record. This type of design makes it easy to do so as the product wind muff detects vibrations. When engaged, it sends a signal to output. Finally, the sound waves come in full momentum.

This product delivers greatness with the microphone quality. However, it does require a lot of trial and error for the product to work the way you want it to function. it's highly professional. You really should take more time to educate yourself to properly set it up.

You also need to buy different accessories for you to be able to use it with a mobile device. In most instances, it'd not work.

Now, let us answer the question of—which should you buy? It all boils down to what you're going to use it for. If you need the highest quality of microphone to detect even the most silent of whispers, go for the Zingyou Condenser Microphone Kit. It already adjusts the tone of the sound to provide you with the best sounding audio.

it's mostly used by artists who record instruments or vocals. So it's proven to give you that clear sound. Accuracy is the key with the Zingyou Condenser Microphone Kit. The set up is worth it once you hear your recording—as expected from top-notch professional equipment.

On the other hand, if you're just after doing voice-overs or simple podcasts. The M. Way Studio Broadcasting Vocal Recording Microphone KTV Mic is perfect for you.

It mightn't be as professional as the Zingyou Condenser Microphone Kit. The recording quality of the former is also superb.

it's a noise cancelling function and records sound pretty well. No need to learn much of the technicalities as it's very easy to set up and install. The M. Way Studio Broadcasting Vocal Recording Microphone KTV Mic is user-friendly.

The G-Touker Professional Studio Recording Condenser Microphone is left on the sidelines as it can't compete with the other two condenser microphone giants. This type of microphone is just a bit better than recording from a mobile device. So why'd you spend money on a sub-par product?

The Verdict

When it comes to recording audio, you shouldn't settle for second best. As having the best audio could really make your projects alive.

If you just put in the right amount of work and knowledge to learning how to properly use the Zingyou Condenser Microphone Kit then go for it—as it's the best out there. If you make your peace with this intimidating condenser microphone it'd be your lifetime friend.