Best Karaoke Machine for Kids – 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Karaoke Machine for Kids

Whether it’s a chart hit or a medley of Disney tunes, anybody with children knows how much they love singing along to their favorite songs.

Encouraging your child’s singing can help them develop a good level of confidence, and giving them a karaoke machine to help develop their talents is a fantastic way to do this.

Karaoke machines aren’t only great for helping your child develop their singing and social skills, though. They’re also a lot of fun! Flashing disco lights and a microphone will bring your kid hours of joy, and it’ll definitely be a hit at any children’s birthday party.

But, as with all children’s toys, there are countless models to choose from, and looking at different features, specifications, and connectivity options can leave you wondering which is the best kids karaoke machine.

So, to help you find the perfect karaoke machine for your little one, we’ve put together a list of our five favorites along with a buying guide filled with tips on what to look out for before making your purchase.

So sit back, relax, let us do the hard work and, before you know it, your child could be on their way to being the world’s next biggest superstar!

If your child has a special occasion coming up soon, and you’re thinking of getting them a karaoke machine to celebrate with, our top pick is guaranteed to have them singing karaoke for kids with joy.

Top 5 Kids Karaoke Machine Picks!

Best Karaoke Machine/System for Children – Reviews

No. 1
Singing Machine Karaoke System-Portable, (SML385BTW)

Singing Machine Kids Karaoke System-Portable, (SML385BTW)

Packed full of amazing features, this karaoke system from Singing Machine is the perfect choice for any budding young singer.

Able to wirelessly stream audio from any BlueTooth compatible device, this karaoke machine also has output jacks that you can connect to a TV for scrolling lyrics, as well as a top-loading CD player and a USB port, so your kid can sing along to all of their favorite tunes whatever they’re stored on.

54 dimmable, colored LED disco lights help bring a party atmosphere to the fun, and the built-in speaker provides great quality sound. It also has a second microphone jack so your child can sing duets with their friends.

Echo control gives amazing voice effects, and it even has the ability to record songs as you sing, so your kid can playback their performance. This karaoke machine also has a downloadable app which lets your child access and sing along to thousands of songs.

  • Wirelessly streams audio from any BlueTooth compatible device
  • Output jacks allow you to connect to a TV for scrolling lyrics
  • Has a top-loading CD player and a USB port
  • 54 LED disco lights provide a fun, party atmosphere
  • Also features a second microphone jack for duets, echo control for voice effects and recording abilities
  • Only comes with one microphone, so you’ll need to purchase another microphone separately to use the second jack

No. 2
L P Kids Karaoke Machine

L P Kids Karaoke Machine

The bright, child-friendly design of this karaoke machine from Little Pretenders makes it a fantastic choice for younger kids.

Designed for duets, this karaoke machine comes with two microphones so your child can enjoy both solo and group performances through the AUX port that allows you to stream music from multiple devices including tablets, laptops, phones and CD players.

Extra fun can be had from the flashing disco lights, and there are also foot pedals that provide applause and other fun recordings. And, for when your little superstar wants to take the show on the road, it all easily folds down into a handy carrying case.

Constructed from toxin-free materials, and with no mains input, you can also rest assured that your child’s safety is assured when they’re playing with the machine by themselves.

  • Comes with two microphones for solo and group performances
  • Streams music from multiple devices with the AUX port
  • Flashing disco lights provide sensory entertainment
  • Two foot pedals provide audience applause and other fun recordings
  • Folds down for easy transportation
  • Does not have a mains power input, and is solely powered by batteries

No. 3
Portable Karaoke Machine

Children’s Portable Karaoke Machine

This portable karaoke machine from SingSation will provide hours of entertainment for your child both at home and on holiday.

It’s pair and connect system offers you the ability to stream music either through BlueTooth or through the built-in headphone jack, and it’s also compatible with all of your kid’s favorite karaoke apps.

Multicolored, vibrant LED lights help to really get the party started and come with 14 preset patterns to suit any song including party, pulse, chase and more. To add to the fun, there are even voice changing effects and sound effects including applause and audience cheering, giving your child a fully immersive experience.

It even comes with a second microphone jack, so your child can duet with their friends and double the fun!

  • Easily portable for fun at home and on the road
  • A pair and connect system allows you to stream wirelessly through BlueTooth or the built-in headphone jack
  • Multicolored LED lights with 14 preset patterns provide a party atmosphere
  • Voice changing effect and sound effects bring an extra level of fun
  • Has a second microphone jack to allow group performances and duets
  • Some customers noted that the sound level isn’t very loud, so you may find you’d want to connect a second speaker to the machine

No. 4
TECBOSS Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

TECBOSS Bluetooth Kids Karaoke Microphone

This streamlined karaoke microphone from TECBOSS has all the power of a larger machine, without taking up nearly as much space, is compact enough to store away neatly and is also super portable.

A choice of BlueTooth, Micro SD or an audio cable connection gives your kid a choice of three ways to connect to their favorite karaoke tracks, and the BlueTooth connection is so strong it can continue uninterrupted from up to 32 feet away.

An 8W speaker delivers sound loudly and clearly, and is designed with a 360° surround sound construction. It also has a band of colorful LED lights around the handle to give your child that sensory experience.

Fun for all the family, the simple microphone design makes it perfect for smaller hands to use, and it’s fully rechargeable so doesn’t require any batteries or mains connection.

  • Has all the features of a larger karaoke machine in one handheld microphone
  • Can connect to music through BlueTooth, Micro SD and an audio cable
  • Holds BlueTooth connection from up to 32 feet away from the device
  • 360° surround sound construction through 8W speakers gives loud, clear audio
  • Colorful LED lights bring the party atmosphere
  • Although rechargeable, the battery only lasts a few hours before it needs charging up again

No. 5
VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic

VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic

Another great choice for younger kids, this karaoke system from VTech let’s your kid take centre stage and really belt out those tunes!

As well as 8 built-in songs, your child can also connect this machine to an MP3 player to sing along to their favorite hits. Then, when it’s really time for them to shine, they can hit the Music Magic mode, which will cut out the song’s vocal track and let them take the solo spot.

Cute animations on the machine’s screen will dance along to the track as your kid sings, and 7 disco lighting effects will let them control the party atmosphere. It also has a recording function so your little superstar can hear their singing played back.

On top of all of these amazing features, this karaoke machine also includes six music, rhythm and memory games to help them build their musical creativity.

  • Includes 8 built-in songs for your child to sing along to
  • Can be connected to an MP3 player to play your kid’s favorite hits
  • The Music Magic mode cuts out the vocals on any tracks, allowing your child to take the lead
  • Interactive features include dancing animations, disco lighting effects and voice recording
  • Also includes six games to help build musical creativity
  • This karaoke machine only has one microphone jack, so children will have to share one microphone or pass it between them for duets

Choosing The Best Karaoke Machine For Your Kids – Our Buyers Guide

Karaoke machines are fantastic for play, learning, and development. Jam-packed full of fun features, they are a guaranteed hit with any child and are also a lot of fun for all the family to enjoy.

But, to make sure you get one that your little one will love, there are a few considerations to take into account before making your final decision when it comes to your kids karaoke microphone. To help you get it right the first time, we’ve broken these down for you below.


The first, and arguably most important, thing that you need to consider is how your kids are going to be able to play their favorite songs and sing along to them. Children’s karaoke machines have different ways of connecting to music, and it’s worth looking at the best one for your kids.

BlueTooth connectivity is probably the most popular choice, as it will connect to multiple devices as long as they are BlueTooth enabled. In an age of streaming music, it also makes the most sense for a karaoke machine to have BlueTooth capabilities.

Keep an eye out for some karaoke apps as well, as these can be played through a karaoke machine that has BlueTooth capabilities.

MP3 input and AUX cables are another fantastic way for your kids to connect their music to a karaoke machine, and are particularly useful if your children are a little bit young to have a cellphone for their music.

Finally, keeping it old school, some karaoke machines have CD players that your child can load in and sing along to. This is a great feature for any kid that has a favorite compilation CD, or is obsessed with one of your old favorites.

Number of Microphones

Karaoke machines are a great way for a kid to play on their own, or with friends and family. However, the latter will inevitably be a group number and therefore will require more than one microphone to really get the pop band effect.

If you can find a karaoke machine that has more than one microphone, it’s definitely worth thinking about getting that one. This will make singing with friends much easier, and an altogether more fun experience for everybody involved.
Some karaoke machines will only come with one microphone as standard, but will have a second microphone jack. This still allows you to connect a second microphone, but you’ll just have to purchase it separately.


When you’re looking for a karaoke machine for a child, you’re definitely going to want to give some thought to the speakers that it comes with. Your child is obviously going to want to be able to hear themselves singing, it’s all a part of the fun after all, but let’s face it – the novelty might wear off a bit for adults after a while.

A good karaoke machine will allow you to adjust the volume so your child will still be able to hear themselves singing, whilst ensuring that the whole neighborhood isn’t treated to a free performance that they may not have signed up for!

An adjustable volume level will also allow your child to increase or reduce the backing track, so they can hear their cues and make sure they’re not getting drowned out by the music.

Extra Features

Karaoke machines are so much more than just a microphone and a speaker, and come with loads of really awesome features that your kids will love.

Almost every karaoke machine includes lights that help to bring a fun, party atmosphere to the experience. Some even come with preset lighting patterns, so your kid can find the perfect lighting for a slower song, or really ramp up the disco for a modern classic hit.

Voice changing effects bring no end of hilarity to karaoke machines as well, and will let your child sing their favorite tunes whilst disguising their voice as an alien or a baritone opera singer.

As well as voice changing effects, some karaoke machines also come with built-in sound effects such as applause or audience cheering, which will feed your child’s imagination as they perform their sell out show at Madison Square Garden.

Another amazing feature that some karaoke machines have, is the ability to cut out the vocals from a track. This allows your child to gain confidence by singing along to their chosen song as they normally would do, then when the time comes they can cut out the vocals, leaving the backing music intact, and take centre stage.

Any budding future recording artist needs to be able to hear what their voice sounds like as well, and some karaoke machines offer the opportunity to record as your child sings along to the track, allowing them to hear it back later. This is also great if they’d like to save it to play to relatives or friends at a later date.


Give some thought to how often your kid is likely to be playing with their new karaoke machine also.

If they are planning to sing their hearts out all day, every day, then a karaoke machine that can be plugged into a mains supply would be the best choice. However, if it’s more for occasional use or only coming out when their friends are over, a battery operated one may be a better choice.

Battery operated karaoke machines also offer your child the opportunity to move it freely from room to room without a big set up, or to take it on vacation. Some karaoke machines include a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to worry about having a steady supply of disposable batteries to hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do‌ ‌karaoke‌ ‌machines‌ ‌come‌ ‌with‌ ‌songs?‌ ‌ ‌

Best Karaoke Machine for Kids

Home karaoke machines don’t usually come with songs due to the legal issues with music licensing. This one has an app to download a ton of songs. Usually however, several karaoke machines do come with songs, but they tend to cost more.

How does a Bluetooth karaoke machine work? 

A Bluetooth karaoke machine works by connecting it to any device using Bluetooth connectivity.

You will need to switch on the Bluetooth discovery setting on your karaoke machine. Then turn on the Bluetooth of the device and then pair it with the karaoke machine and you are all set.

What should I look for when buying a karaoke machine?

There are several factors that you need to look out for when buying a karaoke machine. Having a sound control option is excellent in a karaoke machine. Wired or wireless is another thing that you should consider.

Speakers are one of the essential parts of a karaoke machine. A 5-10 watt speaker is ideal for a karaoke machine for kids and home.

If you are using the karaoke machine at home, then portability should be the topmost factor. Pricing is a factor that can make or break a deal, and you need to decide your budget before selecting a karaoke machine.

How much is a karaoke machine?

You can find a well-performing karaoke machine for under $100. However, some high-end karaoke machines do tend to cost more and can reach up to $1500.

How can I get karaoke songs for free? 

You can get karaoke songs for free from various sources. Several websites have free karaoke songs like karaoke-version, Sing King, Youka, and others. Karaoke versions of songs are also available on Youtube.

How can I sing with karaoke?

If you sing karaoke in the comfort of your home, you don’t need to worry about going offbeat or missing lines. But singing karaoke in public, that’s an entirely different thing and can go wrong in so many ways. Start by selecting a song that you are familiar with to have a better grasp of the lines. Practice at home before performing publicly. Remember the lines and work on your voice.

What does karaoke literally mean?

Karaoke is a Japanese word. It is made from combining two different words. ‘Kara’ comes from ‘karappo’ and ‘oke’ comes from ‘okesutura.’ Karappo means empty, and okesutura means orchestra. It literally means empty orchestra.

Can I stream music to a karaoke machine?

Any karaoke machine that has BlueTooth capabilities will allow you to stream music from any device that is BlueTooth enabled. This childs karaoke machine streams well. You’ll just need to pair your device to the karaoke machine, and then you’ll be able to play your favorite tunes.

What’s a good karaoke app for a kid to use with a karaoke machine?

There are loads of karaoke apps to choose from, and using them with a BlueTooth enabled machine will bring a whole new level of fun. SongPop2, SingSnap and StarMaker are all fantastic, kid-friendly apps that are easy to use alongside your favorite childrens karaoke singing system.

What’s a good karaoke machine for a children’s birthday party?

The portable SML385BTW is the best option. There’s going to be a lot of energy at a kids party, so you’ll want a karaoke machine that will keep the little ones well entertained. Anything with flashing disco lights will create a real party atmosphere, and multiple microphones will give them the opportunity to perform as a group.

How portable are karaoke machines?

A karaoke machine’s portability depends on two factors; its size, and how it is powered. Larger karaoke machines are going to be heavier and take up more space, therefore they’ll be much less portable. Some karaoke machines fold down into compact, portable cases, which are much easier to carry around. With regards to power, a karaoke machine that uses batteries rather than mains power is a better choice for portability.

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