Best Black Friday Microphone Deals & Recording Studio Accessories

Best Black Friday Microphone Deals

Black Friday is finally here with us again, meaning it’s that time of the year to take advantage of crazy, unbelievable deals and buy high-quality products at throw-away prices.

Ask most microphone enthusiasts, and they will agree that Black Friday microphone deals are arguably the best all year.

Expect to stumble on crazy deals on some of the best studio and podcast microphones this Black Friday. However, with several microphones being sold on offers, it is crucial to have an understanding of some of the best deals as well as high-quality microphones to consider this Black Friday.

Worry not though, as usual, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will showcase some of the best microphones on sale to help you make the right purchases and get your money’s worth this Black Friday!

No. 1
MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Amazon Black Friday deals on quality microphones don’t get any better than this.

With up to 68% off on this bad boy, you don’t have to strain your budget to get one of Amazon`s best-selling condenser microphones. Here’s what to expect from the MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone.


  • Reduced tremble due to a low-frequency roll-off
  • Appropriate for music recording
  • Multipurpose (can be used for podcasts and YouTube recordings)
  • High-end clarity due to balanced bass response
  • Transformerless output
  • Patented design
  • Frequency range of 30Hz-20kHz

Our Verdict

The MXL 770 Condenser Microphone is widely regarded as one of the best low-budget condenser microphones in the market.

Even better, you can acquire the sublime microphone at a significantly slashed price that won’t dent your wallet.

The microphone is appropriate for both novices and experts and comes with a user manual to help you set up and understand its various functionalities.

Want to learn more? Read our full review of the amazing MXL 770 microphone here.


No. 2
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio

When it comes to USB microphones, not many microphone brands can compare to the Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Mic.

Most experts prefer using the device due to its ability to filter stray sounds and balanced sound output. Whether you are a first-timer or an expert, you will enjoy using this recording monster due to its dynamic range that gives it extra versatility.


  • Crystal clear recordings due to its custom condenser
  • Easy to plug and play as no driver installation is required
  • Comes with a user manual for optimum usage
  • Internal audio balancing for the right level of bass

Our Verdict

Take advantage of the 30% Amazon price slash and get yourself this Audio Technica condenser mic.

Its audio capabilities allow you to use the microphone for sound recordings, finding the best computer for music production, podcasts, and even microphones for gaming. It’s amazing! The microphone comes with a manual that helps you make the most out of its various features.

We review the AT2020 mic in our round up: best choir microphones that are priced under $1000.

No. 3
Singing Machine SMM-205 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

Singing Machine SMM-205 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

Are you a sucker for karaoke? If so, then you should look no further than the SMM-205 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone.

This singing microphone was specifically designed for creating the best bluetooth karaoke microphone, and its 10 Ft cord allows you to move around or jump up and down as you enjoy a great time singing. Take advantage of Amazon’s 37% discount on this uni-directional dynamic microphone this Black Friday. We can also help you find the best mic for vocals on this site, too! 


  • Appropriate for Karaoke
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • High sensitivity and wide frequency response
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Comes with a 10 Ft cord that gives you the freedom to move around as you sing

Our Verdict

Karaoke enthusiasts looking to add an extra microphone or replace a faulty one should not look past this highly-capable, uni-directional microphone.

The 37% discount makes it pocket-friendly. The 10Ft chord gives you the freedom to move around your living room, adding to your overall enjoyment.


No. 4
Aokeo Professional Microphone

Aokeo Professional Microphone

Do you want to upgrade your audio quality by removing the annoying pop sounds that occur whenever you record? Here is your best option.

Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop Filter Mask Shield Rated as a best seller on Amazon’s pop filter category, the Aokeo pop filter mask shield can be used for any type of microphone, making it great value for your hard-earned cash.

Save up to $9 courtesy of Amazon’s 45% discount on the product. The pop filter comes with an adjustable gooseneck that gives you extra flexibility when recording.

The Aokeo pop filter is double-layered, meaning extra focus on improving your audio recording as the first layer filters out air blasts while the second ensures that no lip to air pressure makes it to the final recording.

No. 5
Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone

Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone

Take advantage of Amazon’s discount on microphone accessories this Black Friday by getting yourself the Hola! HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Mic Stand.

The tripod comes with an ergonomic center clutch that allows for easy height adjustment. You can use the Hola tripod either when standing or sitting, making it convenient for studio usage.

The Hola tripod comes with a 30% discount this Black Friday. The tripod is compatible with Sennheiser wireless microphones and can be used with USB microphones as well.

You don’t have to worry about adjustment or firmness once you acquire the Hola tripod as it is easily adjustable from 40 inches up to 63 inches. You can also adjust the arm from 4 inches all the way to 27 inches, depending on your preferred microphone range.

Top Black Friday Microphone Deals – Our Take

With Black Friday fast approaching, it is prudent to take advantage of these crazy offers Black Friday microphone deals and their accessories before they run out of stock.

If you genuinely want to improve your audio recording by upgrading to new, state-of-the-art equipment, then we recommend moving fast to purchase these items.

Remember, its Black Friday, meaning everyone wants to make the most out of these and more crazy offers on Amazon.

We have sorted the best products in their respective categories, meaning you don’t have to go through the hustle of searching endlessly on Amazon.

We’ve done our part as the microphone gurus, now it’s your turn to choose the product that suits you best.

Check out our thorough guide to choosing the best microphones for recording here!

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