Best Studio Recording Microphone: Which One Should be Trending?

Best Studio Recording Microphone

Who doesn't have a YouTube or Facebook account? Who hasn't tried listening to podcasts or even tried creating their own podcast? Is there still anyone who hasn't tried karaoke apps on the computer or phone? At this day and age, every household, especially those that have “millennials”. Around, needs a real microphone. So, which really is the best studio recording microphone?

For most people nowadays, the best recording microphone is something that'd help them create the next big thing. The video or audio that people would enjoy listening to, if not the next “trending”. Video. it's essential that the microphone is durable so that they can take it anywhere they want to record. It should also have noise-canceling or noise-reducing features to make sure that the sound is crystal clear even when they're shooting outdoors.

Ease of use should also be taken into consideration because most people who really want to have and to use a studio recording microphone are the young ones. They don't have enough technical know-how on complicated setups. If possible, get the plug-and-play microphone that's complete peripherals.

Indeed, when buying a microphone even for simple purposes, the quality is the first thing that should be considered. Nevertheless, good quality shouldn't mean expensive. An affordable mic that can serve both professional and recreational functions should do the trick.

Below are three brands vying for the title best studio recording microphone. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each to decide which one should really be trending on the market.

Aokeo Professional Condenser Microphone

The best thing about Aokeo Professional Condenser Microphoneis it comes with a mic stand. This mic stand’s height can be adjusted to match the needs of the user. This allows for the mic to be used either when standing up or sitting down. This mic stand is also made of lightweight materials that make it portable. However, because of its weight, it needs to be precisely positioned to make sure it won't topple over.

As for the microphone itself, it produces clear and good quality sounds. The sound quality is also enhanced with the help of the pop filter. Anti-wind foam cap. These minimize unnecessary noise. It also has a shock mount to ensure the microphone is protected at all times. This microphone set has everything needed to set up a mini recording studio at home.

However, it must be noted that it might need phantom power depending on the current set up it'll be installed on. It can be said that in the general sense, it's not plug-and-play as it doesn't easily work with a number of setups like when the user has a MacBook or when he or she wants to use it with her mobile phone.


  • Lightweight and unbreakable because of high-quality materials used
  • Comes with an adjustable mic stand
  • Produces clear and good-quality sounds
  • Both for professional and recreational use
  • Comes with a shock mount, pop filter. Foam cap—a complete package


  • It doesn't easily work with some popular setups.
  • The stand isn't that sturdy.
  • The instruction manual should include a clear troubleshooting guide as the product doesn't appear to be plug-and-play for some setups.

Maono Condenser Broadcast Microphone

Maono Condenser Broadcast Microphone is really good for its price. it's definitely plug-and-play for most setups. It doesn't require phantom power and is compatible even with Windows Vista and Windows XP. It also comes with a shock mount.

This mic is omnidirectional or has a mono pickup pattern, which means that it only picks up sounds that are in front of it. That makes it a noise-reducing microphone. The sound also doesn't have any distortion even without the pop filter. The microphone itself is durable and feels sturdy.

This Maono microphone doesn't have a stand or a tripod. The user needs to buy these peripherals depending on his or her need. Nevertheless, the microphone itself is a star.


  • This microphone is affordable for its quality.
  • Plug-and-play and doesn't require complicated setup
  • Has an omni pickup pattern
  • Has noise-reduction feature
  • Good quality


  • No stand or tripod is included
  • All other peripherals would need to be bought separately.

QIBOX BM-800 Pro Condenser Microphone

QIBOX BM-800 Pro Condenser Microphone is perfect for recording podcasts, YouTube videos. Other things that people can think of. It can be considered for professional use. Only when used with other high-quality cords and recording unit. As of this writing, this mic needs a phantom power supply to work. If not, the output couldn't be as good.

In addition, with the help of good-quality XLR cables, the output of this microphone could be as good as professional quality. The microphone is very sensitive. Since it's omnidirectional, it doesn't capture the noise not directly made in front of it.

It comes with a pop filter and a shock mount. A stand or tripod needs to be purchased separately.


  • Plug and play
  • it's made of durable solid metal.
  • Good for the price
  • Can produce professional quality sounds with the right peripherals
  • Omni-directional


  • It needs a phantom power supply to work properly.
  • it's very sensitive to movements and other similar sounds.

Best Studio Recording Microphone: The Verdict

When it comes to audio and video recording, no one microphone matches all setups and needs of all users. There is no complete package. For instance, other kits would include everything like a stand but would need a phantom power supply. Some kits are plug-and-play but don't have even a pop filter. It really depends on what the buyer is willing to purchase separately.

For the purpose of this review, the best studio recording microphone is Aokeo Professional Condenser Microphone. It's everything one might need for recording simple videos or audios at home, in a recording studio. Outdoors. It produces good quality sounds.

As for the needed power supply and soundcard or interface installations, it'd be a good investment to spend separate money and effort on those if one really wants to be the next social media sensation.